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And some aren’t. That’s just how society is. Especially the transgender community. We are steadily gaining accolades for our work. More people are beginning to follow what we do, which is great, because there is no reason why the approach we advocate for living can’t be practiced – to beneficial results – by anyone.

But I’m not stupid.

Not everyone is ready for this approach. By that, I mean some folks are just too deeply wedded to their stories, stories which convince them that life (as Remy has put it) “happens TO them”. We’re having a conversation with such a person right now on one of our YouTube shows.

The momentum of one’s stories can be seemingly irresistible. Particularly stories that have been repeated many, many times…to the point they become beliefs. Beliefs are simply hidden stories. They are hidden from the storyteller.

But the results aren’t. Everyone can with relative ease discover what stories they are telling, simply by looking at two things:

  1. What’s happening in their lives.
  2. What’s coming out of their mouths.

There are quite a few illustrious stories in that YouTube conversation. Worth a read.

So while our numbers continue to rise, it’s no surprise there will be those who are turned off by something we publish and stop following our work. That’s ok.

It can be for everyone. But it doesn’t have to be.

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