MEN: Your beliefs matter

fullsizeoutput_2211If you’re trans-attracted and having trouble accepting that part of yourself, if you are addicted to trans-porn and surf such sites in the middle of the night, if you are dying to meet a transperson in person, or have, but only are willing to do so in private, then you are a victim of disempowering stories you have thought so often, they have become beliefs for you. And in becoming beliefs they shape your reality.

The same goes for any trans-attracted man who has one or more of the following stories going on in their heads:

  • Transwomen are hard to find
  • All transwomen are (fill in the blank)
  • Transwomen don’t like guys like me
  • I’m too (fill in the blank) to be attractive to transwomen
  • Finding a transwoman to seriously date is impossible

We’re not kidding when we assert the following: These stories and many others are creating the reality that perpetuates a life-experience (yours) wherein these stories are true. That’s the only thing making them true. They aren’t objectively true. If they were, we wouldn’t have been able to find and interview the people we have had on our show.

Think about that.

Your stories are powerful. No matter what they may describe (something you want, or something you don’t want) you will experience “reality” consistent with with the ones you focus on and believe the most. No exceptions.

So the answer to all your desires, not just the ones about transwomen, is to tell stories about what you want. It really is that simple. Well, there’s a little more to it, but that basically is it.

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