Men: How to love yourself

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Learning how to love yourself is a life-long process that produces results immediately. You also get all you’re wanting. So it’s important that men learn to love themselves. Because that is the access to everything you want. Including the love of your life who happens to be transgender.


By “loving themselves” I don’t mean in this macho way that looks like false pride or false humility. By “loving themselves”, I mean discovering who you are. From that, love of self comes naturally.  It can’t help but come because “love” is what you are. So when you discover who you are, you naturally come to love and appreciate yourself. And when that happens, the Universe yields all that you want. Actually, it is always doing that, but your lack of self-love blocks what you’re wanting. “Lack of self-love” looks like stories you tell yourself that crate the reality you don’t want.

I know, sounds all woo. But it isn’t. It’s real. It sounds like woo because that’s what society (and science) tells us about what you’re reading. Religion tells us that too. And often religious people don’t love themselves. Or others. So we get confused about what “love” is when people profess to love but don’t. Particularly when it comes to loving themselves.

But with practice, everyone can find out what love is, simply by examining who and what they are. How? Read on…

First, learn to see positive in everything. I really mean this. You won’t believe how powerful this is (until you do it consistently). Most people I’ve worked with have a hard time getting beyond “superficial” perceptions of “positivity” and into the deep recognition.

For example, take the room you’re in. If I ask: “Tell me ten things that are positive about the room you’re in.” You might easily be able to do that. But if I say “take three minutes and tell me everything in the room that is positive”, most people barely make it to two minutes before they’re having to think really hard about it.

But with practice, you begin to realize just how much much we’re surrounded by positive things: situations, people, events, and more. As that practice expands your conscious awareness, you begin to realize that maybe there’s more to what you see with your ordinary eyes, ears, nose and such.

It seems crazy but seeing everything in a positive way really is the way to loving yourself. There’s more to it, of course, but it’s a perfect start.

Some guys reading this may say “I already love myself”. So far, I’ve seen even the most confident, open people have deep, negative stories about self-worth and self-value, indicating that, while they may appear self-loving on the outside, in reality they are not.

So begin the exploration today. It’s easy and with time you’ll see amazing results. Including the rendezvous with the partner of your dreams. We promise!

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