DeVos becomes latest unlikely Trans ally

Betsy DeVos trans allyDepartment of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos recently joined a long-running list of trans-allies when she declared recently her department would no longer hear cases where transgender students were denied using the bathroom matching their identity.

WTF you say?

We have always asserted, and will continue to do so, that often those you think are the vilest enemies of transpeople, actually are allies. In a world where everything is always working out for everyone, there’s no such thing as an “enemy”. For even “enemies” foster fertile ground for getting what you want.

Take Trump, for example. Many on the left, and pretty much every transgender person in the United States, save maybe Cait Jenner, believes Trump is the vilest of enemies of the transgender movement. Yet, from our perspective, Trump’s presidential win, his administration and his policies are responsible for some of the most significant and proactive initiatives. Those initiatives will have long-lasting implications for the United States; particularly in the legislative branch, and in courtrooms and city halls across the country. For now, more than ever, we see person after person, who happens to be trans, running – and winning – public office.

What’s more, we see more and more transgender leaders throughout our society – models, CEOs, inventors, school teachers, school principals – coming out one after the other. Following them are scores of young people who are far more comfortable identifying out of the gender binary than at any time in the history of the country. And following them are man companies realizing the right side of the transgender issue is supporting transgender people.

These trends are sure to continue. As we have said before, conservative agendas are losing agendas. Progress will always prevail in the end. DeVos will not forever be head of the education department. Nor will Trump administration policies remain in place forever. Neither will The Donald.

Besides, there are far more interesting things to be focusing your attention on than what’s happening in Washington. A great place for your scrutiny: what’s happening in your head. I presume, since you’re reading this, that you’re either transgender, or trans-attracted or transamorous. If you fall into any of these categories, it would behoove you to think about why you’re still hiding the fact that you are trans, or that you find transgender people attractive, if that’s what you’re doing. With so much positivity happening in the country,  the time couldn’t be better for you to come out.

Besides, it’s highly likely if you do, those who matter in your life will embrace you. Once you embrace yourself.

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