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InspireI love it when momentum gets to the point where people begin recognizing what you’re doing. This week (it’s currently 3/20), I received a kind message. With permission from the author, I’m sharing it here:

Hi Perry,

As a feminine of center person still exploring their gender, I am very interested in what you have to say about improving the dynamics between cismen and transwomen who are interested in one another. I would like it very much if we can bring this out into the open so that the shame of conventional cismen does not translate into disrespect and violence towards transwomen.

But that aside, I feel this is only one specific segment that falls under the implication of transamoury. And I can’t help but notice the disparity between that and your decision to use name of “Transamoury Network.”  Don’t mistake me, I do think the focus you choose is the one most in need of improvement, for many of the reasons you describe elsewhere. And it makes sense to me that you focus on cis  trans, as transpeople *generally* have a better basis from which to relate to each other.

That aside, I think it would be appreciated by those transpeople in between the poles, non-binaries outside of the spectrum, and especially transmen (who are frequently forgotten altogether in these conversations) if material was generated to address their intimate relationships with cispeople. Nor should ciswomen be ignored, as they are equally capable of fetishizing the transgendered (couples seeking ‘passable transwoman’ for hook-up, I’m looking at you).

I know these are outside your experience and what you are able to speak to, nor would I expect/want you to make assumptions about them. But it seems entirely within the realm of possibility that you could invite other bloggers to participate and invite guests or occasional co-hosts who do participate in those dynamics.

Again, I think you are doing very positive work and I am not trying to attack you for having a particular focus. It is merely a concern of mine that the rest of the trans community is not leat behind. For all I know you may already be considering the suggestions I have made. I am new to this particular conversation and will try to investigate it further as I am able to.

All the best,

What’s really cool is the Transamorous Network eventually will encompass all populations in the Trans community and beyond. S.H. gets it though: I need to start somewhere. Starting with something I’m most familiar with made sense.

With two transwomen who get what I’m offering so inspired they agreed to host the podcast, that alone is remarkable.  We’re inspiring every podcast guest too. Everyone is inspired. Even me.

I believe every transcommunity member came into the world to inspire.  I created the Transamorous Network to show everyone how inspiring they actually are. My co-hosts get it. My podcast guests are getting it.

Will you be next?

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