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elizabeth-tsung-HOLDING HANDSI’m thinking about a different approach to The Transamorous Network that I hope will make our work more accessible. Quite a few men have downloaded our guides. Quite a few people (men and women) are watching our shows. But I think we can be more effective as allies to trans-attracted men and transwomen. So I’m thinking through a process to make that happen.

It’s more than just thinking actually. I’m testing the ideas in my newest company Positively Focused. Initial ideas and implementation has got me excited. We’ll see how the results match that excitement.

Like everything in our society, without money it’s difficult to accomplish anything significant. I think I have some ways to create more money flowing in. But it’s going to take some deliberate effort focused on that and that alone. But I promise efforts to generate more cash will benefit all the people who onus our content.

Stay tuned. I think you’ll be as interested as I am.

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