Snark and other things unwanted

Yes!So, I’ve noticed an increasing desire to not engage people who respond to The Transamorous Network with acerbic commentary. I can handle people being negative, people calling us out. What I no longer will contend with are people who fee it necessary to liberally pepper their commentary with personal insults and negative assumptions about our motives and intents.

We advise people tell stories of things they want to experience in their life experience. We’re not hypocrites. So we’re doing the same thing. What we want to see and experience are people who are respectful, who can ask questions while respecting their own dignity and the dignity of who they are addressing. We are eager to experience more people behaving in this way. And we are inspired by the future we are creating with these words!


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  1. Even without the transgender element in the equation, almost any discussion about women and dating from the male perspective is going to draw a certain amount of criticism.

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