Trans-attracted or transgender, you have a place

backupThe conservative social agenda is a losing one.

Progress is inevitable. No matter how those who revere tradition try to hold it back, progress inevitably comes.

I saw “conservative” defined somewhere that made sense. While I thought it was a wishful description, I could see how conservatives would warm to the definition. It neatly explained many of the positions conservatives take, positions which often have oppressive results for non-conservatives. The definition also contained its fair share of superficial criticisms of the left (the left is opposed to driverless cars???). Criticisms that are as false as some leftist criticisms of the right.

No matter how you try to argue the point, conservatism is about preserving tradition. It’s about revering the way things are and favoring that over something new. I can understand preferring something that works over something untried, which is a conservative core tenet. But just because something is untried (such as freeing slaves, allowing women to vote, or recognizing transgender equality) doesn’t mean it need be resisted. And as we have seen, reverence for “what works” tends to mean restricting people’s rights (freedom of expression, freedom to pursue one’s happiness, labor rights, association rights and of course, equality) particularly those, who at the time, don’t look in ways or act in ways which make conservative people comfortable.

Those people used to be women. Then it was blacks. Then it was hippies. Then it was gay people. Now it is transgender people.

But in every case where conservatives have resisted the groups of people described above – including transgender people – conservatives have either lost or are losing the contest. For whether it’s suffrage, slavery, free love, inter-racial marriage, gay marriage, gays in the military or using whatever bathroom one wants, those who have opposed these massive social changes have lost or are losing.

In our IN YOUR FACE EPISODE recently we talked about how the progressive agenda is the winning one.

I must acknowledge what was mentioned in a recent IN YOUR FACE show: Conservatives appear to be winning….to some limited or even significant degrees in “red states.” The US education system is woefully inadequate for low-income and black communities. But those battles, while significant to those living in red states including those minorities struggling under those policies in those states, are not reflective of the general contest between conservative and progressive agendas. There is no mistaking that progress is winning the general contest. Even with a republican administration. And that means, transgender equality is a done deal. It also means even the red states must (and will, gradually, if imperceptibly) change.

You create your reality through the stories and emotions you entertain. Working alongside your stories is a meta-story that can’t be resisted: All That Is is constantly seeking to express itself in as many varied and diverse ways as possible. That includes “conservative” expression. There is no way to prevent this. Whether it is children coming into the world far less concerned about what’s between a person’s legs, children coming into the world on a transgender journey, or populations which find that journey an abomination, All That Is will find a way to keep progress moving forward. It will also ensure expression of all kinds is as diverse as possible. It is what puts “eternal” in “eternity.”

The good news to all that is trans-attracted or transgender, you have a place, a sovereign, equal right to existence, whether you acknowledge that or not. All That Is is backing you up. And with that behind you, there’s just no way conservatives will win.


4 Replies to “Trans-attracted or transgender, you have a place”

  1. I’m both except that I can’t transition due to my health and also due to my health I haven’t dated a transwoman. I went to the trans community for support, but have grown to hate it for a number of reasons including the way they treat “chasers”.

    They think it’s unnatural for a man (or woman) to be attracted to a transwoman’s body, but this strikes me as oddly transphobic/cissexist. It’s ok for a guy to like a woman with big boobs or a woman to be into tall men, but this is unacceptable.

    I realize many transwomen have dysphoria around their genitals or just want to be accepted for being a woman, but I don’t think this excuses their attitude. They are entitled to their choice in men, but then get offended when men won’t date them because they’re trans.

    And not all transwoman want SRS. According to a recent survey, only 14% say they don’t want it, but it’s still insulting to marginalize those people and impose cisgender standards on the community.

    1. We know it can be frustrating being confronted by all the paradoxical ironies in the trans community, just like the ones you have accurately clarified. Hate is such a strong emotion though 🙁

      We’re curious, and you don’t have to answer us: do you identify as trans and also find Transwomen attractive?

      1. You’re right. My anger is coming from a place of hurt. Of feeling ostracized from a community where I needed support. It’s not just this issue though.

        It’s other things too like hierarchies forming around whether or not someone has “passing privilege”. This isn’t just with the trans community obviously. This happens with cisgender women too, but I think if passing/stealth trans women want to be in the community they should realize some people have it harder.

        It’s true that on the other side people shouldn’t resent those with privilege, but it seems those with privilege need understanding too. I admit that I’m white and have lived as a male so I have some privileges, but then I’m disabled due to my health.

        I’ve heard than in African American support communities, sometimes those who are light-skinned/white-passing are resented because people feel they don’t go through the same struggles. I know it’s not the same thing.

        It’s difficult with communities because on one hand there needs to be a safe space, but if it becomes too homogenized then it ends up excluding certain individuals.

        Yeah. I find both trans women and cis women attractive and identify as trans. I’m unable to transition because of my health, but I will hopefully be going on hormones soon so at least I’ll be making some progress on transition.

        I’m not sure why the paragraphs didn’t have breaks in my first comment so I’m double spacing to see if that works.

        1. Hey again JZ. Everything you wrote above is accurate and we have no beef with it. Yes, the African Community can be exactly as you write. And not just about skin color, but also hair and other things too. Uncanny!

          We find it peculiar that a community so historically ostracized (whether it be African Americans, trans people or whoever) can, within their community be equally as discriminating. But I guess that’s because we’re all human….meaning, we all focus far too much on the differences and not anywhere near enough on our similarities.

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