The depths of transgender delusion

Since publishing a show and a blog post about womb transplantation becoming a reality, two different transwomen told me something very personal. They told me that if they could afford it and the risks were good, they would jump at the chance to bring a child into the world through an surgically-implanted donated womb.

Some people who might hear this might think the transgender delusion has gone too far.

They are wrong.

I’m not the only one to whom transgender women are sharing this deeply-held desire of theirs. At least two doctors – better-qualified people than I –  have received a lot of interest in such a thing. And not just from transgender women. Gay male couples are asking for the same thing too.

If this many people are asking for this highly remarkable procedure out loud, there must be tens of thousands thinking about the same thing and not sharing it.

There is delusion here. But it’s not transgender women and gay men who are delusional. The delusional ones are people who think transgender women and gay men are delusional.

Read that sentence again.

I’ve said many times since founding The Transamorous Network (and Copiosis for that matter) that there is something much larger going on here behind the scenes of the “transgender movement”. It includes events and situations that have nothing to do with transpeople but that, in their way, benefit them. Take this recently-announced medical advancement for example. Womb transplantation exploration got underway because some doctors wanted to help cisgender women born without a uterus have babies.

The Matrix, Reloaded
“This night did not happen by chance. I do not believe in chance. When I see three objectives, three captains, three ships I do not see coincidence. I see providence. I see purpose. I believe this night holds for each and every one of us, the very meaning of our lives.” – Morpheus, The Matrix, Reloaded

Is it a coincidence that same technology, those same advances are now going to enable other women who come into the world without uteruses (I’m referring to trans women) have babies too? It may have been thought crazy for any doctor to consider researching such work to directly help transwomen and gay men bear children. But the just cause of helping “natal women” born without uteruses have children – that’s an honorable cause worthy of research funding.

This is no coincidence. As Morpheus in The Matrix movies said “This is providence”. All “providence” is is the collective agreement within All That Is for an event desired to become reality.

Is it a coincidence Donald Trump would become president, thereby igniting a firestorm of responses, including brave transgender women choosing to run for elected office all around the world? Is it a coincidence that 80 men would join an Facebook support group enabling them to explore their trans attraction in a healthy, supporting atmosphere? Is it a coincidence that more and more trans-attracted men would come out and share their stories? To me, none of this is coincidence. To me there is deliberate, consciously chosen action being taken by a collective desire to expand what it means to be human.

It seems eerily weird, for example, that there are plenty of healthy, uteruses whose owners would prefer to donate: those existing in the bodies of some F2M transgender people, thereby creating an ample supply of such organs for transplantation.

No, the delusion doesn’t exist among transgender people. It exists among those who decry transgender people an affront to nature, when instead they (transgender people) are nature’s greatest gift: the gift of seeing humanity as it is – a highly diverse, unlimited and creative expression of All That Is.

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