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(Transamorous Network Video Channel) Transwomen are taking it upon themselves to school us guys. And it’s not all good! Listen. Just because a transwoman (or a cis-woman for that matter) is giving advice, doesn’t meant that advice is going to work for you! The advice this woman is giving is great – from her perspective.  She is telling you what she wants to see in your behavior, not what you need to know to succeed in finding your transpartner.

For example, she suggests that persistence is key.  Persistence at what?  What if you don’t have any transwomen in your area?  What if you believe you can’t meet a transwoman?  Even if you know of a transwoman, how can you be sure being persistent will pay off?  What if she’s not attracted to you?  Then you’re just being a dick.  What if you’re not the kind of guy for whom persistence is inauthentic?  Will being “persistent,” presuming you could muster, “persistence” pay off?

Not if persistence is not in your nature. You see, there are more factors at play, more powerful factors at work than you simply being persistent.

This lovely woman is doing her best to offer good advice.  I applaud her desire to help us transamorous guys out.  I also love her sense of humor.  She’s right, there are so many transwomen out there who believe “good guys” don’t exist, that you’d think they don’t. But I know they do.  I know the transwomen who believe they don’t exist only believe that because their beliefs tell them so.  Use this advice to your frustration.

There is a better way to meet not only transwomen, but the transwoman of your dreams, the transwoman who is looking for you. After all, following this advice, how do you know the woman you gave your number to is even be attracted to you!  Such random acts of dating are so 1900s…

No, you don’t have to join a dating site.  No, you don’t have to frequent any bars.  All you have to do is be your authentic self, understand some basic principles I guarantee you are not now familiar with, apply some determination in changing the way you interact with your word and you will naturally, easily meet the transgender woman who is your perfect match. Guaranteed.

And you’ll have fun doing it.  I know because what I’m suggesting here is working for a lot of different people.

I’m sure transwomen like the beautiful Raven are well-intentioned giving their advice. But advice is like opinions and opinions are like ass holes: everyone has one and nearly all of them say more about the person who owns it, than it says about reality.

Let me help you.

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