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#TitheTrans invites Christian LGBTQ allies to raise money for trans surgeries


Just a few weeks ago, I published a post about how great it is that so many people and organizations are rising up in support of the transgender community. It’s almost as if (wink wink) for every negative ned that rises up against those people we love, another person or organization rises up to counter him.

But this most recent one was a pleasant surprise even to me. A Christian organization has come out not only friendly to transgender people, they are asking church-goers to tithe to raise money to support confirmation and other surgeries for trans people. How cool is that?

According to many news outlets, including HuffPost, FaithfullyLGBT is running, for the month of September their new campaign called #TitheTrans. Their goal is to raise at least $10,000 which they will give to the Jim Collins Foundation, a charity which grants money for trans surgeries.

Now FaithfullyLGBT seems to be a website representing “a collection of stories from people
living at the intersection of faith, gender and sexuality.” It’s not so much a group as it is a photo-essay website. Eliel Cruz, the founder says in a newspaper article:

“Meeting so many LGBT people of faith made me want to share their stories to begin to put a face to those of us who live in the intersection of faith and sexuality,”

So he curated a number of willing folks to tell their stories. That was back in January this year. The site is still going strong.

As of the time of this post, the #TitheTrans funding campaign on indiegogo has achieved five percent of its $10,000 goal.

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