The Transwoman’s guide is coming!

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 11.13.29 AMWe’re happy to report that The Transwoman’s Guide to Finding Your Ideal Partner is near finished. It just needs to complete the final editing process, then it will be live.

We’re excited to share this guide, complete with worksheets so transwomen who are struggling finding love in relationship can finally resolve that situation. Too many times we’ve heard or read or watched on YouTube sad stories of transwomen who have created realities wherein they can’t find a man, date women because they can’t find a man, suffer emotionally because they think there are no men out there who would be willing to date them.

We’re here to say all that is only true to the degree it is a persistent belief! Life is meant to be fun. That includes seeing live hand to you on a silver platter everything you desire, including love in relationship.

The Transwoman’s Guide is the first step to realizing the love of your desire. If you’re a transwoman who has struggled or is struggling now to find a partner. Be prepared for all that to end. Your partner is on the way. You’re just forestalling the rendezvous because of the thoughts you think.

We’ll post another announcement once the guide is live.

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