The best transgender dating site…ever

Is….your daily life.

After all, it’s free, wide open and you don’t have to screw around with inaccurate pictures, inflated profiles, gold-diggers or the monotonous, impersonal experience of Online Dating.

So men have been trained through online dating that finding a transgender partner has to be a deliberate, weeding through a lot of negative experiences. Conversely, meeting your ideal partner via your daily life can be a surprising, delightful, fun-filled experience where each person you meet is perfectly matched for you. Every time.

How to get that relationship you want
Your daily life is the best venue.

How does it work? It’s easy!

First, you have to come to know that transwoman you’re wanting is looking for you. Then you have to stop “trying” to find her. For when you try to find her, with effort, impatience, frustration and feelings of “longing” you’re mucking up the process. Relax man!

Next, realize you’ve already put “out there” all the qualities of the transwoman you’re wanting. That’s why she’s already out there looking for you! So you don’t have to think about what she looks like or any other detail. All that’s been handled.

Next, live your life. But here’s where people muck it up….again! You can’t be desperate, lonely feeling, impatient or entertaining thoughts like “I’m never going to find her”, or “there are no transwomen in my city”. Those thoughts are working against you.

Instead develop the mind set, the mental habits of focusing on positive aspects of your life. And no matter what your life situation, there are ALWAYS more positive aspects than negative ones. In fact, there are as many positive aspects as you’re willing to look for. Focusing on positive aspects of your life tunes you to the type of person who is looking for you. Focusing on negative…anything negative…tunes you to people who share that world view.

If your shady, on the DL or haven’t acknowledged out loud that you’re trans-attracted. You should first handle that. We can help.

By the way, this process works for anyone looking for anyone. So transwomen wanting a cis-male: you can have that. Cis women looking for transwomen: you can have that too.

Your daily life is the best, easiest, most fun way to meet the person of your dreams. You should give it a try. But remember, your old habits will be working against you. So you you may need some help.

We’ll be around!

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