How Toxic Positivity Destroys Life’s Greatest Gifts

Question: Do people who believe in manifestation believe in toxic positivity?

Answer: I cannot speak for all “people”. But I can speak with accuracy for myself.

Anything someone believes will eventually prove “true”. But only for that person. And for those who become a match to that belief.

“Toxic Positivity” is a belief. It emerged only recently. As Law of Attraction gained prominence in recent decades some react strongly to its ideas. “Toxic Positivity” represents a manifestation of the phrase’s creator’s struggle with their Belief Constellation. This person’s pessimism runs so strongly, Law of Attraction’s success prompts this equally strong, knee-jerk reaction.

A person who lives pessimistically, for example, might conclude from that orientation that life’s glass is “half-empty”. They’ll see life as a struggle, risky, inherently random and out of their control. From their perspective you gotta be careful, work hard and even then things might not go your way. Their locus of control is external.

A conclusion is a belief. Again any belief, held long enough, will prove true. So this person’s life will prove their conclusions about life true.

Life always reflects belief

Life experience has influence on belief. But life experience BENDS to belief. It is expectation (belief) that gets “life” going. And expectation determines future experience. However, once life gets going, remembering that beliefs create experience gets shaky. That’s because we focus more on the physical world. We focus comparatively less on our inner world. But again, our inner world originates the outer.

So then, a chronically negative person will attract more negative experiences because that’s how they focus. This includes more negative thoughts and beliefs. They also put more attention on the outside world. They don’t consider their inner world and do something about their negative beliefs. Instead they take them for granted as indelibly true. So life gives more experience consistent with their “truth”.

But truth can change. Truth changes constantly.

Chronic negative focus makes attracting more negative beliefs a foregone conclusion. Same with negative experiences. IT WILL ALSO MAKE IT VERY HARD TO ACCEPT DISSIMILAR THOUGHTS.

Momentum creates more

So then consider when someone tells such a person, they create their reality. “Change your beliefs to more positive ones,” They say. “And you can improve your life experience”. Of course the listener’s Belief Constellation, their dominant negative focus, will vigorously repel such a statement. That’s because the statement confronts existing belief momentum. Momentum that is extremely strong. Momentum with a lot of evidence proving it “true”.

For example, sometimes when I write transgender and trans-attracted people create their reality, I will get verbal lashings from some transgender women and trans-attracted men. They will claim I’m “blaming the victim.” Or they’ll say “It’s not my fault I got evicted from my apartment because I’m trans.”

“Blame” and “Fault” are strong words I never use. That’s because I stand in empowerment. I encourage others through what I share to do similarly. But a person whose locus of control is outside themselves will only hear me “blaming” or “faulting” them. Even if I don’t use those words. That’s their Belief Constellation acting as a filter while they’re reading.

It’s real and worth giving up

All That Is is extremely complex and diverse. It also is very creative. So “Toxic Positivity” is a creative term springing from a small part of All That Is. That small part represents consciousness focused predominantly in a negative orientation. That orientation will not allow the consciousness, nor the intelligence it possesses, from even considering positive orientation. It will strenuously resist….then create a new idea from its extreme revulsion. The new idea will expand and reinforce negative orientation. The idea? TOXIC Positivity.

It will then vastly amplify that consciousness’ attachment to negativity and negativity’s momentum in the process. Then it will attract other people who see the world similarly. So yes, Toxic Positivity is real. But just because it’s real doesn’t mean it’s something to pay attention to.

Racism and inequality are real. Do you want to look at that? If you want the life you want, you’re better off ignoring those things right along with Toxic Positivity. Because what you look at is where you’re focusing. And what you focus on you get more of.

So yes, it’s real. But so is every other thought. Any thought held long enough will manifest corresponding reality, all other factors being equal. So Toxic Positivity is a manifestation. A manifestation of chronic negative focus. A focus held so long it cannot bear to accept what’s at the heart of All That Is: Pure Positive Energy.

I prefer focusing on the positive aspects of life. That way, I get more of that. I suggest you do the same.

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