How to note your dreams coming true


Slowing down allows you to tap into your intuition, your impulses coming from your Inner Being leading you to evidence of all your dreams coming true. Now it’s time to start paying attention so you can see the evidence. If you can see the evidence, you won’t be so uptight about your dreams, whether they’re about a relationship, or anything else, seemingly not coming true.

Before you can see the evidence though you have to relearn how to see it. This means coming into communication with your Inner Being. Most people aren’t connected to their “gut” or their intuition, because science or some other aspect of mainstream society has taught them to not believe in or trust this valuable and always accurate Source of guidance.

So learning how to see the evidence means learning how to hear your Inner Being when it’s giving you clues to follow. For it is in following the clues that you are led to the evidence. And the evidence it leads you to is always inspiring because the evidence is always positive and always indicating that your dreams are becoming your reality.

We talk about how to see the signs in a recent episode of IN YOUR FACE. Take a look/listen:



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