Snark and other things unwanted

Yes!So, I’ve noticed an increasing desire to not engage people who respond to The Transamorous Network with acerbic commentary. I can handle people being negative, people calling us out. What I no longer will contend with are people who fee it necessary to liberally pepper their commentary with personal insults and negative assumptions about our motives and intents.

We advise people tell stories of things they want to experience in their life experience. We’re not hypocrites. So we’re doing the same thing. What we want to see and experience are people who are respectful, who can ask questions while respecting their own dignity and the dignity of who they are addressing. We are eager to experience more people behaving in this way. And we are inspired by the future we are creating with these words!


David-Andrew is proud of his Transamory







Get to know trans-attracted/transamorous man David-Andrew. David is single, a photographer and a funny guy with a great smile. Not ashamed of his trans-attraction, David-Andrew has been dating transwomen for more than 20 years. Hear his story!

16 – Girl You’re A Girl!

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Like many transwomen, Abby believes in unicorns. You know, that rare, fantasy of a man who is attracted to you not as a sex object, but for who you are. Do you believe men like this are impossible to find or don’t exist at all? In this episode, we call bull shit on all that. There are tons of men out there who are wanting to be with you. So how do you find them? We talk with Abby about that and more.

TransBlackFace! (Audio Podcast)

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Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer both got into trouble over the last two weeks for perpetuating the modern version of blacksploitation, only this time on the Trans community. By not casting a real trans person to play the leading role in their new movie, they pissed off the transcommunity. Michelle Rodriguez is being trashed for her leading role in a ridiculous film about at man who unwillingly gets tits and a vagina. No, this isn’t gender confirmation surgery. Not in the least.

The Pope is a Dope

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Yeah. Someone has to say it. In this episode, we dis the The Pope as he expresses his ignorance (you deserve it Your Holiness), a Rabbi straightens The Pope’s ass out, then we talk about how to read the news. Cause you all need to learn.