13 – Devin, living out of a car and loving it

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Devin and her sister live out of their car….by choice. Their Roma ancestry runs high in their blood, making them quite at home in situations that will give most people the heebeegeebees. An episode from our early days while we’re out camping, traveling and otherwise fucking off. Enjoy.

12 – What’s up with transamorous men?

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In this episode, we go deep on what it’s like to be a Transamorous Man. Is their fear real? Can they lose their job? Friends? Family? What about the embarrassment and shame that comes with being seen with a Transwoman?  Then we switch gears with a new perspective on current events then end this episode with Remy doing an impromptu psychic reading for Shannon.

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10 – In Honor of Aaron




Wow. Another great episode on The Transamorous Network Podcast. Jessica joins us sharing her life story, a story full of tragedy, including the suicide of her friend Aaron. But like all great human beings, Jessica has channeled those tragedies into something amazing: her life. We’re all in tears at the end. We name this episode in honor of Aaron and the contribution his life has had and will have on into eternity. You can also also watch the show below.





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