Here’s Why We Guarantee You’ll Get Great Results


I guarantee The Transamorous Network can show you how to meet your match. You’ll also find the process fun and enjoyable. It will also improve all other areas of your life.

No dating apps or websites. Working with us, you will meet your match (many matches actually) without any struggle. And fast.

No kissed frogs. No broken hearts. Just a lot of fun.

What happened to me last week shows exactly how our process works. You won’t believe this true story. But it is true!

Last Monday, I went to a meeting at the local LGBTQIA community center. I’m getting closer to the community this way.

This is the second or third meeting I’ve attended. This week, over half the people there were new. One of the people was a shy transgender woman just starting out in her transition.

When the meeting ended, she stood in the doorway as most people left. I stayed too. I was talking with another attendee and the meeting organizer. I got an impulse about this person. It told me I would be speaking with her.

· · ·

We talk so much about following intuition at the The Transamorous Network. That’s because it is how your higher self tells you where to go what to do and who to talk with to get what you want.

Two things must happen to hear your intuition: first, you must learn to hear or feel the impulses. Second, you must learn to tell the difference between impulses and other voices in the head. Voices that aren’t intuition.

We show you how to do that among other things.

So here I was in this room. My impulse telling me to talk to this person. But I’m also engaged in another conversation. Not to worry, I tell myself. I’ll meet her again.

What happened next needs some context.

· · ·

I usually ride my bike to get places. Other times I ride the bus. Rarely do I go by car.

Riding the bus in Portland is often a relaxing and enjoyable affair. (Photo by the Author)

There are 84 bus lines operating in the city where I live on any given day. Even if only two buses serve those lines each day, that’s almost two hundred buses moving around Portland. There’s also a street car and a light rail as well as many shuttles operating. Every day.

But there are more than two buses per line. Some lines have many more than two. There are literally hundreds of buses running around Portland at any given time.

Ok, that’s the context. Back to my story…

I had finished a great day at my bridging job. I felt high and happy. I wasn’t trying to make anything happen. I wasn’t even thinking about this transgender woman.

I got on the first bus of my 2-bus trip from work. I was listening to a podcast I enjoy. And I was thinking about how cool it was that I got two more informal offers for promotion at work. And I’d only been there two weeks.

So I got off the first bus. I waited a few minutes until the second bus came. While waiting, I thought about being trans-attracted. I thought about the places I might meet transgender people. I thought these for about 10 minutes. Then, the image of that transgender woman from the meeting came into my head. I dwelled on it a bit. But then the bus came.


It stopped in front of me. The doors opened and…you guessed it: there she was.

She wasn’t just on the bus. She was driving the bus!

· · ·

Those of you unclear about how matter, events, circumstances and people come into your life might say “Perry, you’re crazy. That’s just coincidence.”

But it’s not coincidence.

This is how everything happens. When you’re connected to your broader self, you can control what comes into your life. Including lovers. You get connected by being positively focused aka telling the right stories.

“Sarah” and I had a great conversation the whole way to where I live. I’m sure I’ll see her again. I encouraged her to come back to the meeting next month. But the fact that she drives the bus line I ride home on pretty much assures me I’ll see her again.

The bus might be the place your meet your match. With no effort at all!

We guarantee you’ll meet your partner using this approach. Stipulate any criteria. The Universe will organize circumstances so that you run into this person in a natural, easy way. It might be on a bus, or in a store, on the street or somewhere else unexpected. No wading through online profiles, no bad dates.

This is happening all the time in my life. It’s happening in your life too.

But unless you know how to take control of what’s happening, work the levers and see the results, life just looks random and coincidental.

Life is not random or coincidental.

I guarantee you’ll have immediate results with our approach. I can guarantee it because it’s happening every day in my life.

Why are you missing out on the joyful adventure life is?

Contact us and let’s get your adventure started.

Your Happiness: The Fastest Way To A Life You Love

happiness is the goal

Your life is supposed to be an ongoing series of happy experiences that get better and better. Then you return to where you came, reveling in the joyful adventure you had on earth. Transgender or trans-attracted, this is supposed to be your life experience.

That includes all the lovers you might want.

We call it living “happily ever after.” That’s why you’re here.

A lot of people would probably say being transgender or transamorous means you’ll be or must be unhappy. Feeling bitter, frustrated, angry, scared, annoyed, jealous, or insecure seems to come with the territory.

But there is no circumstance in which you can’t be happy. You only have to learn how it’s done.

In happiness you get all you want. Including love and security. No matter how many transgender women get murdered. No matter how many work in the sex industry. Those numbers don’t condemn you to an unhappy life.

The only thing keeping you from being happy and having all you want is literally “doing” life wrong. With practice and patience you can not only have the life you want, you also can be an example for others.


How to be happy

Happiness is not the result of doing. It results from being.

In other words, it’s a “being state”.

You become happy by being happy.

“That sounds like a circular argument, Perry. What do you mean?”

Let’s clear up some misconceptions.

Pursing happiness through material consumption or acts, including sex, is bound to disappoint. That’s because feelings you get from buying things, or from your action aren’t meant to be permanent. They’re meant to make you want more.

Which they do.

That’s why the good-feeling from buying a new pair of shoes, for example, goes away after you’ve worn them a while.

It’s why when you have a casual sexual experience, after the orgasm, you tend to feel hollow.

happiness quote

When you figure out how to be happy as a being state, not through doing things, then actions you take from that being state are the way you express your happiness, not how you achieve happiness. They are also more powerful regarding getting what you want, including a lover.

In other words, your doing is an expression of your happy state, not a means to being happy. How do you find happiness? By first understanding what happiness is.

Happiness is an emotion. Yeah, you know that. But, what is the role of an emotion? Have you thought about that? In all the conversations we have about this, no one (so far) has thought thoroughly about what emotions are for.

They just accept their existence.

Emotions serve a purpose. Figure that out and you understand why being happy is important. Then, when you’re not happy, you know why.

Next, learn how to make happiness happen. Then and only then can you become happy when you’re not happy. It’s not true that you are not happy because of what you’re experiencing. You’re not happy because you’re not trying to be happy.

If you know how to make happiness happen, then when you’re not happy you can become happy. You only have to know how. Then practice. Once you’ve practiced, becoming happy at any time is easy.

Stay happy long enough and you’ll create “happiness momentum”. Happiness momentum is when happiness becomes your steady state. It takes a while to get there, but when you’re there, it’s easy to keep it going. This is crucial for living happily ever after.

IMG_0728 blog
Happiness momentum begins with you being happy for no other reason other than because you say so.

Here’s why.

Once you have created your own happiness momentum, then you’ve got it all. Because a consistent, happy state is the open door through which all you want easily comes.

There are other things you must to know. For one, you must learn to see signs telling you your practice is working.

What do we mean by that?

how you create reality blog
It’s simple science!

The world around you is your subjective life experience. Your life experience comprises a series of accretion events. They look like random compositions of people, circumstances and objects coming together in a certain timing.

These accretion events show up through a process guided by something. It’s not random.

What seem like random events actually are planned events. Who is planning them? You are. How? Two ways that work together. One is what you pay attention to, the other is how you feel when you pay attention.

Look at happy things or think happy thoughts. That organizes accretion events to match your happiness. These become your life experience. Look at unhappy things or think unhappy thoughts. That organizes accretion events to match your negative feelings. These become your life experience.

So, you decide what events, people, elements and circumstances become your experience. And you know which ones are coming by how you feel.

It’s that simple.

Nearly everyone on the planet forgot this is how life works. And that’s why people try to “make” happiness happen through doing: buying things, going on trips, being with others, having sex etc.

The pursuit of happiness doesn’t work because the pursuer forgot she carries her happiness with her. Happiness is not found in the physical world. That’s not what the physical world is for.

We know this seems preposterous pseudoscience. But a little test on your part can prove that it works 100% of the time. Like many things requiring mastery, you need someone to remind you how to see the signs of it working.

Make your life purpose happiness and you will live happily every after. Including finding all the love you could possibly want.

We guarantee it. We also can show you how it’s done.

Feeling Good: The Best Way To Find Love

Alex Iby its not hard FB blog
Photo: Alex Iby

Make a habit of feeling good. It’s a sure way to find love. Especially if you’re transgender, or transamorous.

Feeling good eliminates drama too. It also makes improving your life easy.

Finding trouble finding love? Finding it difficult to accept your transamory? Or maybe you’ve accepted it privately. Now you want to “go public”. But something is stopping you.

Feeling good can help with all that. And a lot more.

We are all meant to be happy.

Match making blog post ad

Feeling good is happiness. Happiness includes prosperity and freedom, including financial freedom, time freedom and freedom of an easy love relationship. Everything you think as necessary to being happy, you can have.

You don’t have to deprive yourself. Or compromise. Especially in relationship.

You’re meant to be continually happy. If you’re not doing that, you’re making life harder than it needs to be.

It’s funny how we sometimes say “If I have that guy or girl I’m looking for as a partner I’ll be happy.” Or “He makes me happy.” Relationships don’t make a person happy.

Having that perfect partner in your life doesn’t make you happy. That relationship, no matter how wonderful, comes with button pushing, unmet expectations, and lots of growth opportunities.

Can you be happy in a relationship? Yes.

But not because of the relationship. You’re happy because you’re happy.

Happiness doesn’t come from having that new job, or that car or house you want, or that money you’re wanting either.

When you satisfy a want, you feel the satisfaction, sure. But notice: over time, that satisfaction fades as new wants come up and old satisfied ones get…well…old. 🙄

Relationships are like satisfied wants. They are meant to be fulfilled. And, just like you have satisfied wants, you’re supposed to have satisfying relationships.

If it seems like “no duh”, then why are so many not happy?

It takes a while to get to lasting happiness. Not because it’s hard – it’s easy.

It takes a while though because you have to slow your old way of living’s influence. Thinking life is hard, that you must work hard, that relationships are hard, that “you don’t always get what you want”, that men are all X and women are all Y, these kinds of thoughts act against your happiness. You have to replace those stories with new ones. Then you have to make them as automatic as the stories you now tell yourself.

Once that happens….oh my.

So the trip is worth it.

So here’s how to start the journey to feeling good:

Step one: Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate. Write down how much you appreciate. Try expressing appreciation for things you take for granted, such as the device you’re reading this on, the shoes on your feet, soap, toothpaste. Start with simple things.

Step two: Pay attention to what you’re feeling. Your feelings tell you what kind of story you’re telling. Develop a habit of checking in with yourself throughout the day. We can help you develop these powerful habits. We’re really good at it.

Step three: Stop listening to the news. We know this is difficult for some people. But the more you listen to the news, particularly negative news about the transgender community, the more unhelpful stories you create and the more you reinforce your old stories. It’s hard being happy and listen to the news.

Besides, very little – actually almost nothing – in the news pertains to you.

Step four. Get out more. Take more walks. While you’re out there, practice step one above and notice things in the world you take for granted. Getting out in nature has huge mood enhancing benefits.

Step five. At the end of each day, acknowledge all the good that happened, including your success in doing these five steps.

Practice these five steps daily. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself well on the way to unshakeable happiness and freedom. Then, and only then you’ll get all you’re wanting. Including that relationship. And you’ll get it all with little effort. We guarantee it.

An Open Letter To The Alleged Trans-Attracted Alex Jones

Info wars press kit AJ Transattracted letter FB blog
Photo: INFOWARS Press Kit

Dear Alex,

You’re invited to take a bold, positive step in your life. A step that could literally change the course of society in the United States and elsewhere.

No, we’re not suggesting you end you “war” against whatever you think needs to be fought.

It’s much more personal than that.

It has come to our attention that you yourself revealed your own deep secret: Seems as though you find transgender women sexually alluring. Maybe even attractive.

We know a lot of men who may be like you. We know, as many others do, that those who express hate towards people often harbor some deep affinity for those very same people. So it was no surprise to us that last Saturday, you may have revealed to the world your own appetite for transgender porn.

We know very early-stage trans-attraction manifests as a secretive fascination for transgender people. This is often expressed as an indulgence in transgender porn and is often accompanied by feelings of titillation and excitement followed by deep self-loathing, embarrassment and shame.

We know this emotional mix is often a potentially incendiary combination for men you may share this attraction with: Many times trans-attracted men in early stages revert to violence against the very women they harbor a secret love for.

In a real way, that’s what you are doing when you speak about transgender women the way you do.

We know the reason men like you – men like us – resort to deeply burying their trans-attraction in shame and repressed feelings, is because family, friends and society at large convince us to believe attraction to transgender women is perverse, unnatural, wrong and, in your own words [paraphrasing] “could end society as we know it.”

Thankfully, we know, the opposite is true: love for transgender women has the potential to radically reshape society: for the better.

So you have a powerful opportunity in what we’re sure you think is a terrible, embarrassing mistake.

Often, such events can be amazing turning points.

We are inviting you to come out of the closet. Join the growing number of men (and women) who are not willing to let society shame them for what they naturally know: transgender women are attractive and worthy of love.

If you need someplace to sooth your shame, we offer two options:

  1. Start following our work. We offer a LOT of content to help men like you come to grips with their trans-attraction. The men we have interviewed and helped (as well as the transgender women) attest to our effectiveness. Transforming your trans-attraction into transamory would be an amazing shift in your approach to save the world. Particularly with your status among your viewers/believers. Imagine what could come of that. Yes, your potential income may take a temporary hit, but is all that money really worth the internal hatred you are harboring? What if your income increased as a result of your coming out?
  2. Join our collaborating organization, The Trans Supportive Brotherhood, on Facebook. Here, a small but growing number of men participate in online asynchronous conversations, sharing their trans-attraction experience in a supportive, safe, anonymous environment.

Another option: get some counseling.

We’re not big fans of that route, but we know a lot of people benefit from it. You could too.

You’re in good company Alex. There are a LOT of men who share your attraction. There is no shame in it. If you could own your own attraction, and change the tenor of what you talk about transgender people, you could literally save lives.

Thanks for reading. See you in the Trans Supportive Brotherhood.

Perry Gruber, Founder, The Transamorous Network

The world always changes for the better

The world is getting betterWe’re focusing on how much the world is changing to support transgender people. Particularly the medical community. This article out of Australia demonstrates the good (there’s a lot) and the bad (of course there’s some of that) as medial expertise around the world enables women and men to live lives consistent with who and what they are.


Highlighted in the article is Marci Bowers who likely is one of the most prominent specialists in transgender surgeries. She’s a hero of sorts. As are the doctors she is mentoring around the world, ensuring they develop high quality procedures leading to high quality results.

Transwomen: Your requests are being answered by your reality. More and more resources are being made available, supporting who and what you are.

Trans-attracted and transamorous men: the world is slowing transforming into the world that will make it far more comfortable fo you to be who and what you are.

The article is a great read. And the accompanying video is freaking fantastic!

A touching quote from the article:

“I’m frequently on the verge of tears talking to patients,” [the surgeon told the reporter]. “Our oldest patient was 77 years old. She came in for a post-op check, we gave her a mirror, she saw herself for the first time and she cried. She said she had waited since she was five years old for this operation and it finally felt like she was herself.”