Bernie Sanders gets it right

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Bernie Sanders may or may not become out next president.  On spiritual matters though, he’s spot on. This is the reason why the material The Transamorous Network offers about love, relationships and self-love among transpeople and Transamorous Men works.  Because we are connected, all of us, in ways that seem beyond our understanding, yet is actually simple to understand.

More importantly, your understanding isn’t required to use this connection, which is yours from before you were born. This connection is how I can guarantee that if you follow what I describe in The Transamorous Network material, you will, absolutely find love.  And you’ll find it in ways that will startle you.

The connection we share is real.  Why not use that connection to design the relationship you want?

I like “trans-am”

Blog 4 photoIn my earlier post, I defined Transamory, a word coined by “Piper”. In writing that piece, I came across a shortened version: TransAm. I’m gonna get it for riffing off the Pontiac brand. But there you go. Fuck, I’d love to steal that Phoenix-rising motif. It’s bitchin’.

And kind of like that bird, we Transamorous guys are emerging from the cesspool that is social criticism, ostracism and shrinking before social claims that our love is taboo, to claim that part of our identity making us uniquely us….among other things.

So get over it. I’m trans-am.

Just checked to see if someone has  already. Of course, they do. Bummer.

We can help others

Your influenceIf there is a Transamorous movement, it already has helped as least one person: A straight man.

Lennon is the creator of, an organization designed to “…inspire a community of heroes who protect our planet, uplift humanity and fulfill their own unique heroic purposes.”

I know Lennon personally. He and I frequent entrepreneurial circles in Portland. We had occasion to chat one day.

That conversation turned to sexuality and human attraction. As with many people I meet, I told him of my transamory. My story fascinated him. Turns out he has a similar experience with a unique form of his own romantic attraction. Lennon is almost exclusively to Asian women.  Over much of his life, he felt “wrong” for having such attraction, based on people’s response to his consistent dating choice.

He writes: “At first I didn’t think much of this trend, but people started giving me grief about it. My friends teased me for having ‘Yellow Fever’  and others accused me of having an Asian fetish. Some people – particularly some Asian women – where really nasty about it. I began to wonder, is there something wrong with me? Am I bad for being attracted to Asian women? Am I doing something wrong? I felt like a creep. A pervert. A loser who couldn’t even manage to date women of his own race.”

Lennon goes on to describe an epiphany he received from an unlikely source: the LGBTQ community! I won’t spoil the story. You can read about it at his website. He offers keen insight into people such as Transamorous Males and the challenges they face. It’s definitely worth the read.

I had a feeling The Transamorous Network would have implications beyond expressing my transamory.  Little did I know the effects would show  up so soon!

When you live your life authentically as a Transamorous Male, your influence is massive. Living authentically will benefit people you’ll likely never meet, not to mention the people you will benefit directly. That not only includes your future or current transpartner, but yourself as well.

Don’t know how to live authentically? We can help.

What is love?

What is loveOn this Valentines Day, it’s a timely opportunity to explore Love. What is that?

Is it weak knees, fluttering heart, goo-goo eye stares, candies and dinners? Is it an expression? Is it “love” when someone does something for you, something you want them to do, or expect them to do? Or is it “love” when sweet nothings the focus of your affection talks “sweet nothings”? Or is it that feeling you have just after sex with someone you deeply care about?

If these experiences, objects and responses to others’ actions is love, then why does it so quickly turn to frustration, anger, rage, hate, annoyance, bother, impatience, jealousy, obsessiveness, fear, intimidation and more?

Love is none of these. Love is not something you feel for another. Love is an advanced stage indicator that comes with practice. Love, the kind I believe in, is a feeling a person has about him or herself, that indicates something. In the sign, that person’s reality changes, or rather, the negative stories that person uses to create reality falls away, revealing a reality consistent with that person’s dreams and desires, including a relationship that works, families who love them, and joy, joy joy.


Love comes when you choose to stand in awe of your own invulnerability, the place where you create your stories which create your reality. It’s a joyful, inviolable response you can feel. Love doesn’t turn into other emotions.  It stands on its own.

Sometimes you have to choose continuously, second-by-second even. Especially in the face of realities your negative stories create. Over time, however, you create a permanency. You stand there in love. And all is right.

The former love –that stuff people do in your reality that makes you love them – that love needs people behaving a certain way. That love is not dependable. The latter love endures, as it needs nothing: in it you already have everything.

Love is a practice. Love is a gift: to yourself. Not your partner, or your relationship.  Here in The Transamorous Network you’re going to learn how to create your reality deliberately and not like a loose cannon. You’ll take back control over your life.

When you do, you’ll stand in your invincibility. Guaranteed.

A taste of nostalgia

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(Transamorous Network Video Channel)  A while ago, in 2011, I created this video expressing my feelings for Transwomen. I had it unlisted on my personal YouTube Channel. I’m going to re-record a similar video. In the meantime, enjoy this bit of nostalgia.