The Awesome Point Where Things Come Easily

The best way to have everything you want, transgender women and trans-attracted men, is through finding a way to feel the best you can. Transamorous Network clients learn how to do that. When they do, their lives improve dramatically.

Not everyone needs help living from the best emotions they can. If you’re not a client, even though we offer incredibly reasonable rates, you can do it on your own. We offer a lot of free content here, and on other other platforms. Including YouTube.

Love, confidence and self-love are emotions with the most leverage.

From there, you should be able to see everything you want coming easy. Including the guy or girl you want.

Life flows consistent with how you feel

As I live from love, confidence and self-love, my life flows more and more consistent with my desires. I see plenty evidence of everything I want, emerging from within my life. Life feels good. It feels right. I feel loved.

Some ask “if that’s true, how come you’re not with anyone?”

My answer, of course, is, I’m clear about who I want as a partner. And, right now, I’m not yet a match to them. That’s where I’m focusing relationship-wise: becoming a match to them. I’m no hypocrite. So I practice what I preach.

Instead of looking for them, or being on dating sites or even going out on dates, I prefer this person come to me. I also know that will happen, when I’m a match.

In the meantime, I prefer being single.

How you feel can be manufactured

In that single-hood, I focus on creating the best, highest positive emotions I can about anything I think about. That’s because when I do that, when I manufacture my feelings through telling positive stories, I create the best circumstances for that partner I’ve created to show themselves to me.

Meanwhile, my life fills with other desires that fulfill themselves. For example, I don’t work anymore. No, I’m not retired. Instead, I enjoy my days lounging on the beach or hanging out at home. No matter where I am, I enjoy my passion to create a new economic reality for humanity or write about my transamorous experiences and share my spirituality with others through Positively Focused. Drawing, practicing spirituality and enjoying Netflix every once and a while fills my days. I also cook, bake and read things, all to my heart’s content. Not a single hour finds me working.

What about money?

I don’t think about it. So money takes care of itself, coming into my life in amounts enabling me to live the way I choose. And, because I’m Positively Focused, because I tell stories that feel good, more money flows into my life in bigger and bigger quantities.

Of course, as I live, the more I see, the more I want. The more I want, the more I see. And the more I want and see, the more momentum builds, allowing more of what I desire to be realized by me. So just by living this way, having fun and enjoying my life, things I want come easily, as they gradually become a match to me.

That includes my lover.

Since I know I’m eternal, I’m in no rush to meet this person. It will happen when it happens. In the meantime, I’m having a really great life. Lounging, loving myself, having fun, being creative and helping others do the same.

It’s the sweet spot. The awesome point where things come easily. Are you in yours?

I Love My Stories

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

I love their variety…

I love stories I think while sleeping, which creates grandiose dreams, dazzling in their plenitude and vividness…

I love knowing they come to me according to my focus…

Meaning the better-feeling my stories the higher connection I must be in.

I like when stories I tell while sleeping indicate where I am relative to fulfilling desires.

I love feeling how good my stories feel.

I love how they bring smiles to my face. Like eating a fresh hot bowl of buttered popcorn.

I delight in my stories.

And because my stories create my reality, I know my life experience is unfolding right along the path packed with my fulfilled desires.