Tamar, Australia

“I used to live in a tent in the back yard of the house I owned. Now, I have found my joy like never before…and I’m free.”

In her own words:

…I knew I was different at an early age. Gentle, caring, and quite frankly horrified at the expectations that were thrust upon me. I had no concept of being transgender back then. I tried to prove my masculinity, to others and myself, by working extremely “manly” jobs. Those jobs took their toll on my body. Finally owning my transgender identity took its toll on my marriage.

While I raised my four kids successfully, under a roof I paid for, before my transition, I was living estranged from my family and wife in a tent in the backyard of the house I spent all my working life affording.

Needless to say that fact left me bitter, resentful and unhappy.

The jobs I worked left me on disability. I used to think being transgender was a handful in and of itself. But in addition to that, I was diagnosed with PTSD, and an anxiety disorder.

I would literally have panic attacks when around crowds. Even the thought of being around strangers left me feeling exposed, anxious, fearful and alone. That’s to say nothing about finding a romantic male partner. For me, romance was not even on the table.

Then I encountered Positively Focused. All along I knew myself to be a divine character, but my life experience and the stories I created were making a life that matched that seem like a pipe dream: how could I live who I knew myself to be when I faced so many obstacles?

So when I found Positively Focused, I was in an extremely negative space. And not just emotionally.

After just six Positively Focused sessions, I created an entirely new reality for myself. I’m now living in a nice apartment that came to me…seemingly miraculously.

I have more money, my privacy and I’m far, far from that living situation I dreaded every moment I was there.

But more importantly is how I feel. I’m in the best condition I’ve been in. Ever. Looking back at that first session, I don’t even recognize myself!

A new life has begun. A freer one. All my dreams I put on hold are in sight.

It’s great to be out of that tent. After I have settled in, and rested a while, I’ll be ready to find a friend.

It’s strange. Not long ago, I had given up on getting away from that old living situation. I had started shopping online for hiking gear, spending my money. I had come to the conclusion that if I was going to live in a tent anyway, the peace of the woods was better than where I was. I was getting ready to be homeless.

But then I received a call from a person I spoke to a couple of weeks ago. They gave me the unit I had asked for. I found it odd, that within hours of “letting go”, I was given what I wanted/needed.

Intriguing, and exciting also, perhaps.

Needless to say, I’ve benefitted tremendously from my Positively Focused experience. I realize my case may be extreme. But if Positively Focused can turn my life around, it can certainly do wonders for yours.

Remy Ilmatar, Portland, Ore.

“I believe in magick, so I knew there was something to Positively Focused. But the results I’ve gotten are completely amazing and awesome.”


In her own words:

I met Perry before he founded Positively Focused. But the relationship we created since then has been based on the principles behind this approach. So I think my experience qualifies as what’s possible through Positively Focused.

When I first met Perry, I was generally unhappy with people and the world, particularly men. As a trans woman, I was pretty jaded that all men were scum. So upon meeting Perry, I really didn’t know what to expect.

I was charmed that he was interested in being my friend. But I felt a deep spiritual connection with him. One day over tea he said some things about me that rocked my self-image foundations. I guess you could say he broke through my defenses and rekindled my inspiration for life.

What happened over the next two years made my head spin.

First, I went from working in an ‘adult’ club, to getting a “real job” with no real effort on my part. It really was effortless the way it happened. I’m so happy with that outcome, and I can see how Positively Focused’s material, or rather my application of it, is directly responsible.

Next I was gifted a car. It was perfect timing at the time I needed one.

Then, I went through what at first looked like an unfavorable series of events. But those same events wound up providing me an apartment that was twice the size of the place where I was living. How this happened was truly amazing….

Next, something happened that I knew in the back of my mind would happen, but I didn’t know it would happen so soon.

First, men started looking at me differently. Then they started approaching me differently…on the sidewalks, from their cars in traffic, on the bus….then, I met this guy I found to be someone I really liked. After about a year of long distance relationship making; we are getting married!

All this happened in the course of about a year and a half!

I now swear by this approach to living. Positively Focused is the way to have a life you love. It’s easy, but, it’s not easy. I know that sounds contradictory, but a lot of Positively Focused sounds that way because it accurately describes how life works.

And when you get it….you get it…And by “it” I mean everything.

Positively Focused is for everybody. I mean every body.