They’re coming out in droves!

age-of-the-transamorous-manMore Transamorous men are making themselves known through our show. So far we have officially interviewed three. Those episodes are in preproduction so they’re  not quite up yet. Other interviews are on the way.

What’s interesting about each of these guys (plus the ones did not qualify for our show) is every one of them are desperately looking for a transwoman of their dreams. The usual methods aren’t working for them though. So they’re looking for a better way.

We have a better way. The more popular it gets, the more success guys are gonna find. We really want to launch our match making service, but we really want to base it on our material. That way girls and the guys who love them know they are meeting serious people with their stories straight. To have that in place is a great basis for a successful relationship. So we want to see more momentum generated on our material before launching our exclusive match making service.

I’m particularly impressed with how our stories here at the network about Transamorous Men has produced exactly what we guarantee: an over abundance of these guys. I’m now personally talking with a group of 30 Transamorous guys on Facebook – all out and proud about their Transamory. I didn’t know this group even existed!

Unicorns my ass! LOL.

Our material works. Even if you’re not looking for a guy (I’m certainly not) you can create that story and change your reality! That’s how powerful this method is. Well, it is totally consistent with how reality operates.

So cool!

What is transamorous?

Blog 3 photoI didn’t know the word hadn’t been created when I first used it in speaking to my wife about creating The Transamorous Network. I thought it was mainstream.


Turns out Piper’s Tumblr account was the first place it was coined, way back at the beginning of 2013 (lol). Maybe there are earlier records, but I’m not taking time to find out. This isn’t a journalist’s blog and I’m no researcher.

Transamory, transamorous, is the coined expression describing being romantically and/or sexually attracted to transgender people. That means a guy like you (presuming you’re a guy reading this and you fit that description).

I love the term. It totally fits me and I’m proud to claim it. I’ve been claiming the idea behind it for a long time. I’m out about it and don’t care about those who may have a problem with it. Although I’ll gladly interact with a close-minded person in order to free it (their mind that is).

So what does it mean to be transamorous? It means, to me, finding transwomen fantastically, irresistibly attractive and desiring to have a romantic relationship with such a person. For me it doesn’t so much equal being sexually attracted exclusive of everything else, although sexual attraction is part of the deal. Primarily for me transamory is about the “amor” – the love. The desire to love and adore a person (in this case obviously a transwoman) in a relationship where two grow to know each other more than they know anyone else.

Transamory should be distinguished from mere sexual attraction because of this. It’s more than objectifying transpeople, be they transmen or transwomen. In my opinion, you can’t love someone if you don’t know them. And you can’t know them unless you spend time with them. A lot of time. And you can’t spend time with them unless you have some things in common. So claiming to love someone just because they’re trans falls short.

In my opinion.