Why your transamory equals your joy

You'll find joy when you own your transamoryJoy is a lovely thing. It is indescribable. You really gotta feel it yourself. It’s right up there with empowerment, passion and invincibility (a real emotion). All these are contained within joy.

Joy reaches deep into the soul. It not only balances imbalances, it frees us to experience all that life has to offer. When reality starts to shift in response to that feeling…boy, you become unstoppable. The more your dreams come true, the more you want to live in more joy.

Your joy is directly connected to your love of transwomen. You came into the world with this desire fully baked in you. It doesn’t matter if you’re only just figuring it out at age 40 or 50, it was there all along. To the degree you try to hide from that desire, you’re choking off the potential of feeling fully this enormously intense, influential and satisfying emotion.

You came into physical reality to live a life of FREEDOM and JOY. It’s time you realize this. When you’re finally living out loud with your transgender partner by your side, holding hands and not caring what others think about you, you will be on the road to creating a new life, a new reality, one that will far exceed what you have right now.

How do I know this? While I’ve yet to meet my ideal partner, so many things are going well I know I’m on my path. In the meantime, I’m literally – literally – surrounded by attractive transwomen. This isn’t to compare my life with yours. What’s important for you is to look at your life. How’s it working out?

There’s no longer a reason to stay in hiding. Humanity is increasingly accepting the fact that transpeople are real and are here to stay. The time is now bro, to come out into the light. You have everything to gain. Nothing to lose.

Want to know more? We gotta talk then.

It doesn’t get any better than this

IMG_0006When you realize you are the creator of your life, as well as the person through which your life is “made”, you come to find, watching how your life gradually shifts to match your desires, that there is nothing you can’t do. Nothing you can’t be. Nothing you can’t have.

How cool is that?

Because we know we create our reality, we are living an adventurous life, tackling adventurous goals. One of those goals is creating a new system were everyone’s needs (food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare) are provided to all at no cost. We started this project with an intention (our story), a focused desire to make it happen. When the idea came, we were thrilled with it (the first evidence of physical reality matching our desire). From there we began listening to our inner being for clues on what action to take, taking only that action that felt inspired.

That was three years ago. Today, we have a world-wide movement. Thousands of people around the world (on nearly every continent except South America, Africa, and the poles) are working to make the idea a reality. In two weeks we’ll be on the radio (for the third time) being interviewed about the work. We’ve been flown to Greece to give a speech about the work, we even have people giving us money to make sure the work happens. The number of people giving us money has quadrupled in the last six months. And this is just the beginning.

There is nothing you can’t have. You can have anything you want in your life. It’s your life! Life is supposed to be fun. You are supposed to live a happy life where all your dreams are fulfilled. If you’re a Transamorous Man and you live your desire for a Transgender partner in the shadows of gay bars or in back alleys or hotel rooms or Craigslist, you’re doing your desire a disservice. Why are you doing that? What do you fear? You create your reality. The only thing you have to fear is the stories that cause you to feel fear because they are creating your reality. Change those stories, then take inspired action and your life experience will shift. You will meet wonderful transpeople, in the open. People won’t care about your choices in a partner and you can get on with living your life in full.

If you’re a Transwoman and you’re wanting a man to love you for you, you can have that. Perhaps your stories have you looking for love in the wrong places. Perhaps your stories have you creating rendezvous with men who suck (and not in the good way) or no men at all. Perhaps you felt you had to choose a woman because you believe (the story) that you won’t find a man who will love you for who you are. Change your stories and your life will change as will your opportunities.

When you realize no one can intrude into your life experience unless you allow them to (through your thoughts, your focus), when you realize every experience you have is a result of the thoughts you think, once you get over the resistance to those facts, you become truly invincible, impervious to negative outcomes. It doesn’t get any better than that! Well it does, but, you know what we’re saying.

Some my argue “well no one would intentionally creates negative situations in their life. That’s crazy.” And we say, oh? Is it so crazy to create negative situations when those situations, over time, become the spring board, the focusing mechanism of something better? What if those negative situations sharpen that person’s understanding of what they really want? Are those situations then really negative?

There is life to live. Joyful, pleasurable, wish-fulfilled life to live. All you have to do is see the world and yourself differently. Then live it from that place. We can help

Don’t make them and they won’t

Happiness it the goalWord to this:  “Life is too short to waste while you lock yourself away and pretend your past and your passions never existed. So get out there. Do you. And be a fucking weirdo.

I really don’t like comparing people’s situation, so I’m breaking my rule right now: If you think being Transamorous is scary. Think about being a Brazilian Transwoman. I seriously doubt someone is going to kill you for your romantic attraction to Transwomen. Seriously.

You might lose your job. But if you got balls, sue those bastards for wrongful termination. Your friends might tease you, call you fag or worse. Fuck’em. They weren’t your friends anyway.

In most cases, no one really gives a shit who you love. Really.  Not until you make them.  You make them give a shit when you believe they give a shit.

So love who you want and get over the belief that other people’s opinions matter.  I know, “better said than done when you aren’t at risk of losing your job, man.”  Yeah, that’s true, I’m not. I work for myself.  It’s also fucking irrelevant.  What is relevant is what you want to believe because what you’re believing now is creating your life experience.  Keep believing other people determine who you are.  That’s what you’ll get.  Keep believing being seen in public with a transperson is too much to (emotionally) bear.  It will be.  Keep believing your parents won’t approve.  You’re the one creating that situation, not your parents.


Realize you are the one in control of your life experience.  It’s a simple matter.  But it doesn’t start that way.  You create miracles on a moment by moment basis.  You just don’t know you’re doing it.  Once you do, you’ll discover a whole different world and how easy it can be to live there instead of living where you can’t be who you are.

There’s a world out there waiting for you. It’s a world where you can step out of your limitations and live the life you’re meant to, the one you chose to live before you got here.  That life includes loving transwomen proud and out loud.

The only thing at stake is your happiness.  It’s yours for the taking.  Don’t know how to get it?  I can show you.

10 – In Honor of Aaron




Wow. Another great episode on The Transamorous Network Podcast. Jessica joins us sharing her life story, a story full of tragedy, including the suicide of her friend Aaron. But like all great human beings, Jessica has channeled those tragedies into something amazing: her life. We’re all in tears at the end. We name this episode in honor of Aaron and the contribution his life has had and will have on into eternity. You can also also watch the show below.