How I created $10,000

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Life is delightful.

Last month, in cahoots with Inner Being, I realized $10,000 in project funding. Rendezvousing with those funds came surprisingly and delightfully, which is how “right timing” always feels.

Right timing happens when I tell the right stories about what I want consistently enough that my reality matches stories I tell. This works with creating money, apartments, partners, or even intangibles such as happiness, well being and freedom. Here’s how to do it:

• • •

Between jobs last month and with COVID-19 shutting down job opportunities, I slowed down looking for work. In that space, I realized what I wanted more than a job paying the bills, was my projects paying the bills.

But current stories about my projects funding my living created ongoing nows consistent with those stories. That’s why I needed work. I didn’t believe my projects could pay my bills.

So that’s the reality I got.

Earlier last month though, I decided I would allow current stories a path out of my awareness. Doing that, I knew they would no longer influence my reality. Do that long enough, I knew, and stories consistent with my desires would become my reality.

That’s what I started two weeks ago. On Day one, determination reigned. By Day 12, old stories re-asserted themselves. All stories, beliefs or thoughts enjoy leaning toward their fullest expression. Believe it or not, stories are living things as all thoughts are. They revel in expression.

Once in my head, it can be hard getting them out. Unless I know what to do, that is, which I do, so it’s not hard. It’s easy.

The withdraw

My old stories reveled in my then present reality. The more I looked for work, the stronger their momentum. Their revelry felt like pressure, fear and anxiety inside me. That’s because their revelry in me drew to me thoughts like these:

  • I gotta get a job. My savings is running out
  • I should take whatever I can get
  • If I don’t take this job, there may not be others

Sense scarcity consciousness in those?

But then I reminded myself that I create my reality. Not these stories. I can choose stories I tell. I’ll choose stories that feel good and know by my good feelings, realities consistent with my positive stories will become my reality.

Thoughts that feel good sounded like this:

  • I don’t need to take any of these jobs I feel “blah” about
  • There are plenty of jobs available for me
  • My Inner Being knows the best job for me
  • I’ll wait for that best job

But then, while thinking those thoughts, other more positive thoughts came to me:

  • I don’t want a job!
  • I really enjoy working on my projects
  • Why can’t my projects support my living?
  • They can!
  • I want that reality!
  • Working on my projects full time feels fun!

That was around Day six. Between Day six and Day 12, old story constellations reasserted themselves several times each day. They (those thoughts) would pop into my head from time to time vying with my new, emerging stories. This is how it goes. It’s what changing your reality looks like.

Thankfully, I trained myself into monitoring my feelings. Any time I felt bad, I knew old stories popped up, even if I didn’t know what stories I told at that time.

Sometimes I knew. I felt and heard the thought. Other times, I didn’t.

No matter. Anytime I felt negative emotion, I pulled my attention back into the now, then focused on the positive thought-set. Something interesting: Negative emotion usually came when I let my attention slip into the future. That’s a no-no because when there I easily slip into trying to figure out the “how” and the “when” about what I want: How will my projects sustain me? When will that happen? Will it happen before I run out of money?

Those thoughts create fear and worry. So I know they don’t lean toward my desired reality that’s becoming my now. Instead, they lean the other way.

Any time I couldn’t shift my thinking because old story momentum had too much strength, I would take a nap, or go do something I enjoy: watch a favorite movie, or go on a walk.

By Day 14, I had done a lot of all that. I felt really good.

The morning of Day 14, I had wonderful dreams and epiphanies I wrote about in my journal. Then, one of my Positively Focused clients sent a message on WhatsApp. He’s not only a client, he’s keen about Copiosis,  my other project. He’s given money to that organization before.


It just so happened, I launched a Copiosis social media advertising strategy earlier that week. So I had plenty to show him. The progress excited him. In his excitement he told he would give me more money to run that organization. Then he said use the rest of his gift to fund my living expenses so I could work full time on my projects.

How much was “the rest”?  Nine thousand, five hundred and eighty dollars! I walked right into my desired reality!

Here’s the thing about all this. The money is great. Now I don’t need a job. It will fund my living expenses for most of the rest of the year. More money is coming, I’m sure.

But what’s more thrilling is what I experienced on the way to this money. The deliberate focus. Telling the right stories. Clarity coming from that. Positive, wonderful, ecstatic feelings coming from clarity.

Every moment I stayed in the present moment, I enjoyed throughly. In other words, most of that time I was happy. I’m happy still.

Those times I didn’t I stay in the Moment of Becoming, I see as beneficial too. Without them, I wouldn’t know I was heading away from what I wanted. So even those times benefitted me.

Getting the $10K is great. But desire fulfillment lasts hardly as long as anticipation, the joyful expectations, the pleasure that is knowing desire fulfillment is on its way. Seeing the signs as I move toward desire fulfillment sweetens the journey.

Since I’m eternal, new desires will always spring up. So I’ll always be on the way to a new desire.

How does all this relate to finding a partner? Your reality springs from stories you’re telling. Old story momentum creates your reality just as my old story momentum created my “I need a job” reality. Change your stories and in a little while, you’ll find yourself in new realities. Realities filled with abundant relationship options, no matter how unlikely you think your relationship options are.

Life gets mostly lived on a journey towards someplace. Every time I arrive, arrival births new desires. Which is why I know this: Life is about the journey. Not the destination. Settle into that truth. Not only will you have more fun, you’ll get what you want fast.

A Member Meets His Match In No Time, Part 1

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In only six sessions learning the The Transamorous Network match-making approach, a client of ours created the perfect relationship with his ideal transgender partner.

In this post and the next, I’ll dissect what happened. This is how it can happen for anyone. In the next post, I’ll detail what happened next.

Joe (not his real name), contacted The Transamorous Network through our free 1:1 offer. Like many clients, he desperately wants a relationship with a transgender woman. Desperation is not a great place from which to meet someone.

But it is a great place to examine your stories. And how your reality reflects back to you stories you’re telling.

Information Joe got from the free 1:1 convinced him our match-making service worth the money. So he became a member.

• • •

The first few sessions involved exploring stories producing behaviors he didn’t like. He frequents working girls (both trans and cis) late at night or in early morning dark hours. Like many trans-attracted men.

Some of these girls were/are drug-addicted. Others treated him like shit. Others treated him nicely. He has a mix of experiences reflecting his mix of stories about relationships and life, and women too. Both transgender and cisgender.

We explored how his stories create these experiences. Joe realized stories he didn’t know he had. Stories triggering desperation he felt about finding a partner. The same stories creating his experiences with women, including the kinds of women he met.

Desperation isn’t new to Joe. Some times in his life desperation (and the associated emotion “pain”) got so intense he contemplated suicide. Alongside relationship desperation, Joe also feels desperation about his life, his job and about himself. Stories triggering these feelings include one common to A LOT of people. Especially trans-attracted people. That story is “I’m not worthy of having what I want.”

• • •

We know at The Transamorous Network stories run deep. They connect with other stories, creating “belief constellations” or “story complexes” weaving through and shaping life experience.

It wasn’t surprising then when I found through our next sessions that Joe’s mother herself was and may still be drug addicted. She also had a working girl past.

No one comes into life experiences that are “too much to handle”. Everyone chooses the experience they get before they get it. Hardly anyone understands this.

At The Transamorous Network, we help people understand why and how that is. Then we show them how to use that awareness to get joy and satisfaction from life and relationships. The same joy and satisfaction they knew they would get when they chose human life experience.

Our stories create our reality. This includes stories we tell before becoming human. These stories set up birth circumstances. Yes, that includes being trans and trans-attracted. It also includes the parents we choose.

I explained why a person like Joe would come into the world through a parent who has sex work and drug addiction as part of her life experience. I described how those experiences create momentum. And how that momentum creates the reality he has. It wasn’t an easy conversation. But Joe got it.

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We always say when you pull at one story, many others get uncovered. By our fifth session, Joe realized more long-running stories. Stories about his unworthiness as a person. Stories about how the transwomen he wants won’t accept him for who he is and what he has (and doesn’t have). Stories about feeling stuck in his job. Feeling shame about where he is in life.

In other words, stories a lot of humanity secretly shares. Stories you probably share.

What’s great about this work is, once stories get uncovered, sometimes they start resolving on their own. They kind of lose their grip when exposed to the light of conscious awareness. Automatically, again in some cases, new stories get born from that exposure. Those new stories can create explosive positive results.

That’s what happened to Joe.

• • •

Before our sixth session, Joe texted me. He said he needed to cancel our meeting. I asked why. He explained he met a transgender woman, was going on a daytime date with her and was excited about the potential. A daytime date was unusual for Joe. As I said, he typically meets transgender women at night.

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 13.44.59 PM

“Yes I’m actually hanging out with a new trans woman friend of mine,” he said via text. “We met Tuesday and hung out a couple of times and have been talking since. I like her a lot. She’s treats me well.”

I wasn’t surprised by this. This is how things work when someone starts seriously looking at their stories. But I was also concerned about Joe.

That’s because Joe got results we promise. But he doesn’t know something important. His old stories are still active in his life experience. So it’s a sure bet this transgender woman he met has her own stories. Stories matching Joe’s stories. Stories she may not be aware of.

So I clued him in:



Joe responded that he already has been seeing some of those signs. That’s why, he wrote, “I’m working to be the best version of myself. The work that you and I are doing is working!!! 😀”

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 13.46.38 PM

Joe said when they first talked, they realized they both needed each other.

“I know the Universe orchestrated our meeting,” he wrote. “I was finishing up at a warehouse where I picked up a load and she was finishing work around the same time and we were really near one another….”

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 13.46.23 PM

Joe added that he already can see how his stories about transgender women have changed because, he said, “along with being very kind and cool person, she has a good job, makes good money and has a nice place in a nice neighborhood.”


We know our approach is out of the box. That’s why we guarantee our results. Joe’s example is normal. Anyone can meet their match and enjoy a relationship that works for them. It just takes changing your stories so that you can meet the person you want. The person who is waiting for you. Your perfect match.

How I Know My Reality Is Getting Better And Better

And yours can too

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Things happening in my life is how I know my stories make my life better and better. Coming on the heels of the previous story, the following true story is further proof. Further proof how The Transamorous Network approach literally makes things happen with me barely lifting a finger.

In that previous post I wrote about seeing a transgender woman a second time, with no effort on my part. I used this to show you why we guarantee our approach works. You can easily meet your match. No matter your criteria. No matter the circumstances.

That’s what’s happening in my life. It can happen in yours too.

This next experience happened just two weeks ago. It shows how the Universe answers every desire. The path it creates though is never direct. It curves all over the place.

That’s because we’re always adding more to what we want. And every thing added is being organized by us to be realized by us. That’s why I know I already have everything I want. Even though it looks like I don’t right now.

But “right now” is the past. It’s not the present. The minute “right now” happens, it’s old news.

So it looks like I don’t have these things “right now” because “right now” has manifestED. The NOW is a manifestING PROCESS.  It’s always manifestING. In the manifestING NOW, I have all I want. It only takes a while for it to become manifestED.

If I get impatient about that, it takes longer. I can explain why. I’ve already done so in our guides for Transamorous Men and Transgender Women. But it’s too detailed to explain here.

So it takes longer to manifest things in physical reality. In nonphysical, in that manifestING place, things happen immediately. And what is manifestING MUST eventually become manifestED. That’s just how life works.

So I know it’s only a matter of time before everything I want becomes my physical reality. How do I know it’s happening? Experiences like the one you’re about to read.

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My Bridging Job offers surprising opportunities (Illustration: the author)

Incredible Outcomes Indicate More Incredible Outcomes Are On The Way

Before I share what happened, here’s some context. What happened was cool. But if you don’t have the context, you won’t understand it.

I now have a bridging job. I call it that because it bridges stories I’ve told a long time with stories I’m replacing them with. To explain…

I have believed, like a lot of people – nearly everyone actually – that money shows up in my bank account when I do something to “earn it”.

That’s not the only way money can show up though. There are infinite ways money can show up in my bank account.

For example, there are people who inherit money. There are people who win lotteries. There are people who steal money and get away with that. There are people who find money. There are people other people give money to for no apparent reason. There are people who’s money comes from interest and investing.

So there are a lot of people experiencing money flowing into their bank accounts. And that flow is not tied to what they do.

My stories about money match stories the majority of us tell. Like others, I’ve told this story so long, it has a lot of momentum. Creating and living a reality matching a new story is possible.

But not right away. That’s because my old stories have a lot of momentum. I know because I’ve tried over the last four years to live differently. That didn’t work. My old story momentum is too strong.

So I’ve taken this bridging job so I’ll stop adding more resistance/power to my old story, which is what I was doing by trying to live a different story into my reality.

My bridging job is helping ease my old stories.

Like our clients, I’m always learning. And always will be learning.

This bridging job came in a way consistent with creating my reality. That’s another story too. One I will write about. Suffice it to say I didn’t have to do anything to get the job. It literally came to me. And, my Inner Being has told me over and over that this job is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Meeting that transgender woman I wrote about last time, and the way it happened confirms this. So does what happened two weeks ago. So much good stuff is happening relative to this job, that I know this job is on the path to all I want.

Ok. That’s the context.

· · ·

So here I am, at my bridging job. I’m preparing to go on a route when another guy asks to ride with me. He does the same job I do. Sometimes our dispatcher pairs people.

So this guy, I’ll call him “Guy”, and I pair up. We prep my van. Then we head out.

Turns out Guy believes in the power of stories. He also coaches others on using clinical techniques to change people’s lives. I didn’t know this about him. But that was a nice surprise.

We spend the day connecting over this and other things we have in common. We both enjoy the work we’re doing. We both enjoy practicing positivity. We both enjoy napping in parks. ☺️ We both have other things going on. Things larger than this job we enjoy. We both know life is an adventure. We both have strong spiritual practices.

Midway through the work day, Guy tells me he’s enjoying working with me. The feeling is mutual.

Guy asks me about what I do when I’m not at work. I tell him about Copiosis and Positively Focused.

Then I tell him about The Transamorous Network. As I’m talking his eyes light up. He’s rapt while I’m telling about it.

Untitled_Artwork 2

When I finish, Guy says “Perry, I’m a trans guy.”

Now I knew this about him. But didn’t want to say anything. Was I surprised? Yes.

And no.

Think about this. I’m telling more and more stories about affiliating with the trans community, about wanting a person who is a match to my desires. And here I’ve spent my entire day with a transgender person! On my job! The job my Inner Being said was perfect for me!

Not only did we spend the day together, we share many things we mutually believe in.

This doesn’t mean Guy is one of my matches. He’s not someone I’m gonna date. I want a transgender WOMAN after all. But he represents my unfolding path to the person I want.

I know life is not a straight line to my fulfilled desire. It’s a roundabout adventure!

Untitled_Artwork 6
Artwork by the author


I know I’m not supposed to get everything I want all at once. That would be overwhelming. Imagine if all the transgender women I would meet in this life showed up right now!

That wouldn’t be fun at all, really.

It’s much more fun watching as my personal trinity puts together events like this all-day get-together, in ways I couldn’t organize myself. I know it’s all happening — Sarah from two weeks ago, “Guy” from this week, the other transgender woman I chatted with on the bus the other day, but didn’t write about, the media interviews I’m doing more of lately, and whatever else might come next. It’s all for the sheer enjoyment of the unfolding. Not for the end result!

Artwork by the author

So Guy isn’t the one. I mean he is a match in the sense he matches many of my stories. That’s great news. It’s great news because if Guy is this close of a match, imagine what my actual transgender woman match will be!

Guy is a signpost along the way to her. Guy showing up in my life is like the Universe saying “here’s evidence you’re on the right track. Congrats. Keep up the good work!”

Just as Jeannette was in the last post. Just as was the trans woman I chatted with briefly on the bus the other day. It’s all evidence my stories are changing.

And here’s the stupendous news: I know if one story’s evidence shows up, that means, all my new stories are in play too. Everything happens simultaneously.

So I know my story about money flowing into my bank account without me having to do anything to have that happen is becoming real. I know it’s becoming real because this story about my transgender lover is unfolding in tangible, satisfying ways.

This is how it works folks!

Let me be more clear: Meeting Guy, spending all day with him, enjoying the connection and having so much in common with him tells me I’m headed in the right direction. A direction where I’ll spend all day with, enjoy the connection with, and have so much in common with her. The transgender woman who matches me as much and more as Guy does.

And, all that will coincide with an event, where my bank account fills with money.

On the way to all that, I’m having fun enjoying my right now.

· · ·

There’s more to the story of course.

Guy then asks if The Transamorous Network would ever expand its work to help trans people become more comfortable in their skin.

The short answer is: yes.

The longer answer is of course. Until a person is comfortable in their skin, i.e. telling stories of self acceptance, self love and worthiness, they can’t meet their ideal partner.

If I want a person who is confident; someone happy in themselves; a strong and capable person, a happy person, that person can only be mine if I feel that way about me.

I have to be a match to that. That’s the only way I can have that.

Untitled_Artwork 4

Of course that is what The Transamorous Network helps people with. We help others learn how to do what I’m doing.

Guy asked me for my contact information. He said he wanted it for when he meets transgender women. He asked whether I prefer non-op, pre-op or post-Op women. I think he’s thinking about matching me with someone. Why else would he ask such questions?

I know one of the ways the Universe brings my match into my life will be through people I already know. Since Guy shares many of the same things I believe in, and since he sees and knows a lot of transgender people, there’s a good chance something may come of this.

But that’s not why I’m happy about having met Guy. Guy is a cool person. It’s fun to think about him being a friend. It’s cool to have him as a co worker. It’s cool working with him.

And, he’s an exceptional indicator that my stories, my new stories, are shaping for me a new reality. One in which everything I want is.

Seems something significant is happening every week now. I like that pace. And I know it’s going to get better and better. The evidence is how I know.