How to let go to go with the flow

How to go with the flowHere’s more detail about HOW going with the flow makes your life so much easier.

It is an important concept. We thought the details would help people.

“The flow” is two-pronged. It is your life experience. But it is also your ongoing reactions to your life experience.

Bottom line: The more you knee-jerkingly react to your life experience, the more similar life experiences you’re going to have. That’s it in a nutshell.

So if you’re not enjoying your life, and you’re cranky about it, frustrated about it, complaining about it…guess what? You’re going to have more experiences like those.

Apply this to finding a transgender partner or a man who will love you for who you are:

If you’re complaining about the quality of transwomen you’re meeting, you’re going to meet more just like them.

If you’re frustrated about men who are afraid to take you out, you have a series of stories creating life experience consistent with those kinds of men.

It literally is NOT rocket science. Life works exactly this way. Whether you believe it does or not.

So what do you do?

Do the best you can to SLOW DOWN. Catch those complaining thoughts that have become automatic. Turn the thoughts into empowering ones (in the video we tell you how). Then watch your life change before your eyes!

We promise this works, because it works for us and our clients. You can listen to the show here. It’s worth watching until the end:

MEN: Your beliefs matter

fullsizeoutput_2211If you’re trans-attracted and having trouble accepting that part of yourself, if you are addicted to trans-porn and surf such sites in the middle of the night, if you are dying to meet a transperson in person, or have, but only are willing to do so in private, then you are a victim of disempowering stories you have thought so often, they have become beliefs for you. And in becoming beliefs they shape your reality.

The same goes for any trans-attracted man who has one or more of the following stories going on in their heads:

  • Transwomen are hard to find
  • All transwomen are (fill in the blank)
  • Transwomen don’t like guys like me
  • I’m too (fill in the blank) to be attractive to transwomen
  • Finding a transwoman to seriously date is impossible

We’re not kidding when we assert the following: These stories and many others are creating the reality that perpetuates a life-experience (yours) wherein these stories are true. That’s the only thing making them true. They aren’t objectively true. If they were, we wouldn’t have been able to find and interview the people we have had on our show.

Think about that.

Your stories are powerful. No matter what they may describe (something you want, or something you don’t want) you will experience “reality” consistent with with the ones you focus on and believe the most. No exceptions.

So the answer to all your desires, not just the ones about transwomen, is to tell stories about what you want. It really is that simple. Well, there’s a little more to it, but that basically is it.


Men. Your ego and your brain think they know how to connect you with the transgender woman of your dreams. And when you rely on them, you feel frustration and struggle because your ego and your brain have no idea how to answer the critical questions that make that happen:

Who is she?
Where is she?
How will I meet her?
When will I meet her?

So whenever you start thinking about that ideal trans woman you want, usually you feel frustrated or doubtful. That’s because in the absence of meeting her, you immediately think about the “how”, the “when” and the “where”. Then you start taking action in an attempt to figure those things out. You try online dating, bars, pride parades, etc. Instead of just letting things happen the natural way. Meaning: allowing the your Inner Being to cause a natural rendezvous between you and her.

The problem is, neither you, nor your brain, nor your ego knows the answers to the “how”, the “when” and the “where”.  And the answers (as you can tell when you read them) are exactly the answers you need to find her.

But your Inner Being knows. And the Inner Being of the woman you’re a match to knows too. Together, these to “meta yous” can work together to orchestrate a natural meet & greet. But not if you’re resisting the flow of messages your Inner Being is sending you that, if followed, will lead you to the same spot where she will be, when you’re there. Unbeknownst to you, this is exactly how everything you receive happens.

I know, you think it’s your actions, your direct doing that causes you to get what you’re wanting. But the “action” you take is the final step in a long process or orchestration. That long process is made much longer when you’re not paying attention and following your Inner Being guidance.

We went into pretty good detail on how to connect with your Inner Being in our recent IN YOUR FACE SHOW (see the video above). Listening to you Inner Being is one thing. Following the guidance in the right timing is another thing altogether. That last step is really important. The good news, all this can be learned and perfected. On the way so much evidence is given you proving the process is working. You just have to know how to recognize the clues.

Some of the most successful men have mentors, who help them become successful. The phenomenally successful follow their Inner Being, their inner voice and, over time, they become phenomenally successful. You can use that same guidance to chart your way directly to the trans woman of your dreams. Watch the show to learn more.

Where’s your manhood?

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And more importantly, who is defining it? Are you allowing other people, particularly your broke friends who are doing nothing really significant to define for you what manhood is? Are you allowing society to tell you what manhood is? Are you letting your family make that decision for you?

“No” you say?

Well, if you find yourself irresistibly attracted to transwomen, and you’re in the closet about that attraction, then, to put it plainly: you’re a liar.

We talked a lot about this last Monday night in our Facebook show IN YOUR FACE. The fact is, when you let others define what you are (men and transwomen alike) you life a life of shame and embarrassment. Instead, you have the option to be the courageous being you came into the world to be, be-damned what other people think. That’s your destiny.

Why are you letting other people dictate how you feel about yourself?

“I’m not.” You say. Really? So transwomen: why are you out seeking validation of your womanhood from a guy, from facebook, from craigslist, instead of going out and proudly living your life out loud, proud, and thereby finding all the joys of life you came to live? Why are you settling for in-the-shadows relationships, superficial sex-only relationships, or relationships that are otherwise demeaning?

Men: why are you allowing “what others might think” to keep you from being the proud human being you actually are, proud in all its glory, including your trans-attraction? For there is nothing about you to be shamed about. Especially your trans-attraction.

A man defines his own reality. He doesn’t let others define it for him.

The moment you begin to take back control of your reality-creation, you’ll be on your way to meeting the transwoman of your dreams. Every other transwoman you meet is a match to the shame-filled, creeper, down-low life your living.

And you wonder why you’re meeting skeezers, weirdos and gold diggers.

Up your game. Own your reality. Define what it means to be a man and fuck anyone who tries to tell you otherwise. THAT’S how you begin down the path of finding the transwoman of your dreams.

The pleasure that is Sarah McBride

SaraMcBridepromo We recently had Sarah McBride on our The Transamorous Network Video Channel. It was a great interview spanning two twenty minute shows.

Sarah, as you may know, is a major rising celebrity in the world. Not just in the transgender community, Sarah is making a name for herself on the political stage…literally, as she was the first transperson to grace the stage of a major political convention.

We talked with Sarah about intimacy, love, romance, what it’s like living one’s dreams and how others can actualize their dreams into their reality. But what was most interesting was our conversation about her brief but pre-destined relationship with her late husband. In that portion of our show, she waxed poetically about relationships and how profound and full of grace they can be.

Some quotes from our interview:

“Relationships can be the most profound expression of Grace in this world”

Her husband was fortunate to have been “Patient enough with me to give me the space,” which lead to them becoming a couple.

“The fact that we were the right people for each other and our paths were synchronized…is true!”

Tune in to both parts of the show. You’ll get a lot out of hearing what Sarah has to say. We sure did!