You’re in great companies

If you’re a transamorous man, there are now 500 more reasons why you can come out of the closet with your trans-attraction.

More than 500 companies – 500! – are now leading the charge in support of LGBT rights, according to the Human Rights Campaign. These companies scored perfect 100 scores on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index. The scale is from 0, where a company is not seen as meeting any requirements of an inclusive workplace, to 100, considered the most welcoming. Wall-Mart has joined the list of over 500 companies earning a perfect 100 score.

Now I know how hard it is men to publicly own your trans-attraction. I know coming to terms with your love of transgender women is just as much a transition as transwomen go through to be who they really are. And, just like some transwomen, it may take decades for you to own up to this part of your true self.

So I’m not trying to push you to do something you’re not ready for. What I do encourage is consider how you’re feeling. Shame, embarrassment and fear are soul-crushing emotions. The feelings you’re having huddled in the closet result from stories you tell yourself about what it means being attracted to transwomen.

What it really means is this: you’re normal. That’s all. You’re part of the rich diversity that makes up human love. Any resistance to who you really are, coming from other people, is just your old stories about how you used to see yourself expressing themselves in your physical reality. The moment you begin telling yourself different stories about you, your transamory, transwomen and your desires, that’s the moment when the world around you will change for the better. You’ll feel better too. There are many men who have gone through this process, myself included. We know where you’re at.

More importantly, we know what is possible.

Over 500 corporations are speaking out for the normalcy of your desires. Time to count yourself among these great companies.