Here’s Why We Guarantee You’ll Get Great Results


I guarantee The Transamorous Network can show you how to meet your match. You’ll also find the process fun and enjoyable. It will also improve all other areas of your life.

No dating apps or websites. Working with us, you will meet your match (many matches actually) without any struggle. And fast.

No kissed frogs. No broken hearts. Just a lot of fun.

What happened to me last week shows exactly how our process works. You won’t believe this true story. But it is true!

Last Monday, I went to a meeting at the local LGBTQIA community center. I’m getting closer to the community this way.

This is the second or third meeting I’ve attended. This week, over half the people there were new. One of the people was a shy transgender woman just starting out in her transition.

When the meeting ended, she stood in the doorway as most people left. I stayed too. I was talking with another attendee and the meeting organizer. I got an impulse about this person. It told me I would be speaking with her.

· · ·

We talk so much about following intuition at the The Transamorous Network. That’s because it is how your higher self tells you where to go what to do and who to talk with to get what you want.

Two things must happen to hear your intuition: first, you must learn to hear or feel the impulses. Second, you must learn to tell the difference between impulses and other voices in the head. Voices that aren’t intuition.

We show you how to do that among other things.

So here I was in this room. My impulse telling me to talk to this person. But I’m also engaged in another conversation. Not to worry, I tell myself. I’ll meet her again.

What happened next needs some context.

· · ·

I usually ride my bike to get places. Other times I ride the bus. Rarely do I go by car.

Riding the bus in Portland is often a relaxing and enjoyable affair. (Photo by the Author)

There are 84 bus lines operating in the city where I live on any given day. Even if only two buses serve those lines each day, that’s almost two hundred buses moving around Portland. There’s also a street car and a light rail as well as many shuttles operating. Every day.

But there are more than two buses per line. Some lines have many more than two. There are literally hundreds of buses running around Portland at any given time.

Ok, that’s the context. Back to my story…

I had finished a great day at my bridging job. I felt high and happy. I wasn’t trying to make anything happen. I wasn’t even thinking about this transgender woman.

I got on the first bus of my 2-bus trip from work. I was listening to a podcast I enjoy. And I was thinking about how cool it was that I got two more informal offers for promotion at work. And I’d only been there two weeks.

So I got off the first bus. I waited a few minutes until the second bus came. While waiting, I thought about being trans-attracted. I thought about the places I might meet transgender people. I thought these for about 10 minutes. Then, the image of that transgender woman from the meeting came into my head. I dwelled on it a bit. But then the bus came.


It stopped in front of me. The doors opened and…you guessed it: there she was.

She wasn’t just on the bus. She was driving the bus!

· · ·

Those of you unclear about how matter, events, circumstances and people come into your life might say “Perry, you’re crazy. That’s just coincidence.”

But it’s not coincidence.

This is how everything happens. When you’re connected to your broader self, you can control what comes into your life. Including lovers. You get connected by being positively focused aka telling the right stories.

“Sarah” and I had a great conversation the whole way to where I live. I’m sure I’ll see her again. I encouraged her to come back to the meeting next month. But the fact that she drives the bus line I ride home on pretty much assures me I’ll see her again.

The bus might be the place your meet your match. With no effort at all!

We guarantee you’ll meet your partner using this approach. Stipulate any criteria. The Universe will organize circumstances so that you run into this person in a natural, easy way. It might be on a bus, or in a store, on the street or somewhere else unexpected. No wading through online profiles, no bad dates.

This is happening all the time in my life. It’s happening in your life too.

But unless you know how to take control of what’s happening, work the levers and see the results, life just looks random and coincidental.

Life is not random or coincidental.

I guarantee you’ll have immediate results with our approach. I can guarantee it because it’s happening every day in my life.

Why are you missing out on the joyful adventure life is?

Contact us and let’s get your adventure started.