How To Change People By Telling Happy Stories

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There’s great power in managing vibration so that one stands in a high flying state. Doing so, one can literally shape others’ experiences. One can also shape other people. A powerful example of that happened this week with a trans-attracted client.

This client finds himself profoundly affected by his Transamorous Network practice, which spanned some four months now. But this week, like many clients, he came having had a rough few days. So when he showed up to the session, he wasn’t ready for what happened.

When I help clients attain vibrational mastery, I create a vibrational bubble in which I hold the session. Vibrational mastery means being so Positively Focused that your world must reflect that state back to you. That looks like your life turning out exactly like you want it.

In addition to showing clients how to create vibrational mastery, I also demonstrate it through my being. That’s why, every client raves about how great our sessions go. The high vibrational state I create then hold during the session “pulls” clients from wherever they are, to where I am. That’s why, unlike traditional therapy or counseling, every client enjoys extremely satisfying sessions containing powerful insights and breakthroughs.

A compelling offer

This time, however, I brought a lot more vibrational mastery to the table than usual. That’s because I meditated prior to the session, using a process which increases one’s vibrational focus. I also used another process because I wanted to amplify the great feeling I felt after meditation.

By the time I came to the session, I was bouncing off the walls with intense, positivity, appreciation and joy. So much so, the client’s socks got blown off.

The disparity between where he was and where I was was so great, he had to join me. He literally had no choice because my mastery was so strong.

So when the client came into my bubble, his negative vibration had no place to go but outta here! 😂.

Which is why, after the session, he sent this:

Creating people on demand

When it comes to relationships, most people try to manipulate, convince, “love” (it’s not really that), bribe, blackmail or blame their partners into being someone they can be happy with. That hardly ever works. Indeed, the whole idea of “love languages” is part of the problem with relationships. Expecting someone to be a certain way so you feel better is a recipe for disaster. It’s also not loving.

Loving is unconditional. That means, no matter how a person might be, you still love them. Even if that person wants you, transgender ladies, for that “something extra”. And even trans-attracted men, if that transgender lady calls you a “tranny chaser”. No one can create a reality contrary to their stories. So when someone gives you behavior you don’t like, you gotta find something about it to like. Or else your negative story makes you a match to more of what you don’t like.

Finding that positive story in an apparent negative situation is a challenge.

But with vibrational mastery, not only can you love a person no matter how they are, when you do, THEY CHANGE. Or they move out of your experience to be replaced by what you want.

Change others by changing yourself

The best way to change someone is to come into alignment with the version of the person you want to experience. Then the person you’re with changes into that person. Vibrational mastery makes that possible.

Trying to change people through action or words hardly ever works. When it does work, it rarely lasts. It often creates resentment. But using vibration born of positive stories, you can make any change you want permanent. And people love you for it.

It’s just like what my client experienced. And I wasn’t even trying!

Want a powerful relationship with those you love, those you work with and those you care about? Stop trying to change them. Attain vibrational mastery and watch how much power you have to produce wonderful results. Including creating versions of people who match your every desire.

Want to know how? I can help!

I Love My Stories

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I love their variety…

I love stories I think while sleeping, which creates grandiose dreams, dazzling in their plenitude and vividness…

I love knowing they come to me according to my focus…

Meaning the better-feeling my stories the higher connection I must be in.

I like when stories I tell while sleeping indicate where I am relative to fulfilling desires.

I love feeling how good my stories feel.

I love how they bring smiles to my face. Like eating a fresh hot bowl of buttered popcorn.

I delight in my stories.

And because my stories create my reality, I know my life experience is unfolding right along the path packed with my fulfilled desires. 

Bridging Stories To A New Reality (Video)

The stories I tell are creating my reality. I am bridging those stories with ones that create more things in my reality that I want. I know what I’m telling by looking at what my now contains. For my now reflects back to me my stories. My current now can be bridged to a better now. I do that by thinking thoughts into stories representing what I want in my now: happiness, joy, fun and things that surprise and delight me. Be sure to watch with your sound on.

The Most Important Story You Probably Missed in GOT

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[There be spoilers ahead]

So Game of Thrones is over. What a finale. Danny dead. Jon Snow exiled. Arya off on adventure. The hound…Queen Cersei…well…you know.

But producers hid the biggest GOT story right in plain sight. As much as it was a fantasy, Game of Thrones is faithful to reality. And if you got that, well, you walked away from season eight’s final episode as I did.

With a huge freaking grin and insanely inspired.

There’s Nothing Like A Story

In one of the show’s best monologues Tyrian Lannister tells the story of Bran the Broken. Soon to be chosen as king of the six realms, Bran began the show as what seemed like a minor character.

But that minor part became the major story. And this is the hidden gem. Namely: You can work your ass off and still not be king. Better put: Do nothing and you will be king.

That’s exactly what Bran did. After being pushed off a window ledge at Winterfell, it seemed Bran’s life was over. He ended up a coma. Then paralyzed. He got out of the coma. Only to learn he’d be forever in a wheel chair.

Untitled_Artwork 3

Which forced him to go spiritual. With nary a limb he could flex, he turned to flexing his consciousness. Then he began probing spiritual mysteries.

What he found helped him marshal forces of destiny. He used them, moving with All That Is as it used other people to do its bidding. Through that connection, Bran became not only Bran the Broken, king of the six realms. He also became Bran the Invincible.

Even facing the Night King, the most fearsome foe in the whole show, Bran prevailed.

Note how everyone moved in Bran’s favor while at the same time serving their own purposes. A assassin tried killing him but a massive hound rips his throat out. Wildlings tried killing him. Theon Greyjoy and Rob rush to his rescue. When Theon takes Winterfell, he survives thanks to Osha’s help.

In every adverse situation, Bran maintained connection with his larger self. His larger self giving insight into the next steps. His larger self directing others in Bran’s defense. Meanwhile Bran relied on inner knowing telling him where to be. Who to speak with. What to say.

All without lifting a finger, arm, leg or sword, Bran became leader of the realm.

GOT is great fantasy. It’s also excellent commentary on reality. GOT is allegory. You have Bran’s ability. I notice this ability unfolding in my own life. Me and my Inner Being write about such experiences throughout this blog.

Here we describe how I choose an outcome. Then I connect with the universe, All That Is and my Inner Being, all representing my larger self. I communicate my desire. Then watch as my personal trinity orchestrates the world around me. My job is telling stories consistent with the reality I want to see. Including people and events. All orchestrated in such a way that what I chose becomes my reality.

Artwork by the author

Action Is Overrated

Contrast Bran’s story with that of Jon Snow, or any other action-oriented GOT character. Jon, the best swordsman. Admired. A master strategist. Handsome. A courageous fighter. Death-defying…and legitimate and rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

All that action-based, work your ass off effort he was known for got him nothing. Nothing except cold days and nights in exile with the wildlings. Not so bad considering that hunk of a guy Tormund Giantsbane. And if there are more beauties like Ygritte there.

Untitled_Artwork 5

Far from becoming king though.

Sure he didn’t want it. But that’s not the point.

The point is, focus on connecting with your deeper self. That larger part of you remaining in the spiritual world. When you do, you’ll discover profound insights. Insights about yourself. Insights about the world and people around you.

When you do, you’ll discover just how much influence you have over the world around you. You become king. King of the largest realm there is. The realm of your subjective reality. Which includes all you’re capable of perceiving.

You’ll also perceive something else. That you are surrounded by messages encouragingi to look within. Especially movies and art.

Game of Thrones was a thrill ride. A great story. A wonderful character exploration. But if you missed what you just read, you just got entertained.

Instead of getting inspired.

The Trans-Chaser To Transamory Journey: What It Looks Like


There are a lot of women who are transgender who believe men who are interested in them are nothing but guys wanting to fulfill a fantasy or use them as a fuck toy. We here at the network have always said that is the case. But only for those women who tell such stories.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to these women, there are literally tens of thousands of men who are interested in transgender women for who they are. These trans-attracted men, like any other group of human beings, are not homogenous. So you’re going to find all kinds of people who are trans-attracted. But for the women seeking a cis-trans relationship with a man, this group would be the best group from which to find a guy. Why? Because they will accept you as you are: A woman yes. But also transgender.

“But I don’t want someone who accepts me because I’m transgender, I want someone who accepts me because I’m a woman.”

You’ll find those kinds of guys in this group too. The story expressed above though is a negative one, one that indicates a reluctance of the speaker to accept who and what she is. So long as that story remains active, it’s very hard to meet the guy who will accept her as a (transgender) woman.

Now, if all these men I’m talking about are prime candidates for transgender women, why do so (seemingly) many treat transgender women like shit? Well, I’ll answer that question first with a question: Why are there so many guys who are interested in cis-women that treat cis-women like shit?

That’s a really deep question. Because there really is no difference.

Which brings me to a model we have here at The Transamorous Network which explains the process by which trans-attracted men become trans-attracted. Not every one follows this general model. But for many, this process is very clear. It accurately describes the process men go through in their trans-attraction journey.

Men who find themselves in this model, just like transgender people, come into the world with this attraction already “baked” into them, in the same way straight people come into the world with their “straightness” baked in. So there is a self-discovery process. That process for many men IMO is represented by what I see as several distinct steps: discovery, trans attraction, exploration (some call this stage “chasing”), refinement, acceptance, then transamory.

“Trans supportive”, in the model I’m proposing, is a transcendence of the process, because it can be an attitude (and accompanying behaviors) parents may have for a transgender child for example. Trans supportive therefore, is not so much about romance and physical or sexual attraction as it is a desire to serve others.

So I see trans attraction as an early stage in a man’s transitional process; transamory as the mature stage and trans supportive as a highly advanced stage of relationship to the transgender community. I would call “trans active” as the stage people like Troy, Jonathan, and myself are in. It is a highly-evolved form of trans supportiveness. So here are the stages explained: (HT to Troy Kennedy and the Transsupportive Brotherhood)


The chaser (Discovery/Exploration): The male discovers transgender women and his fascination with them. In the beginning it’s new, exciting and fresh. He is eager to sample this new delicacy. He jumps from woman to woman in these uncharted waters. He isn’t trying to make a romantic connection or any connection really. He may not be concerned if a woman gets attached to him because he’s seeing what’s out there. He’s exploring. He doesn’t realize that this may be a preference. He may even dabble with trans escorts because it’s exhilarating and the physical act of sex dominates his mind. He is also probably married or in a relationship with a cis woman and on the DL.


Trans attraction (Refinement).  After an indeterminate amount of time in the first stage, the man begins noticing the type of people he follows on social media or in the news are trans women. His taste in porn is dominated by or exclusively that of trans women. He begins making connections both platonic and sexually with trans women. He starts going out on dates – as opposed to secretive flings – and spending more and more time with trans women. But he still has a bit of fear and trepidation at times when he’s out with a trans women. He’s gotten far enough into owning his interest, his baked-in attraction, he begins looking for connection.


Trans amorous (acceptance). Soon after the second stage, the man tires of playing the field or he meets a woman who stimulates him mind and body. A woman who, when he thinks about her, makes him smile. When he isn’t in her presence, he misses her. He wants to be with her and her with him. During this time, his eyes are open to a lot of the hate, oppression, violence and struggles trans women go through on a daily basis. He feels compelled to protect and love her. His family and/or children become involved. He also begins to notice and judge those men still in the chaser stage as being detrimental to transgender women. The man forgets where he comes from. He wants to do something to fix this problem, but doesn’t know what. Meanwhile, he may or may not come out to his wife or girlfriend. Or, the momentum of his stories will cause a flash-bang type event in his life, where he is forced out into the open. However that happens, his relationship is now at a turning point. But he’s not willing to turn back on this baked-in part of who and what he is. That’s trans amorous. In this stage, even though he may not realize it, he is having a profound effect on the world around him including the people in his life. The drama that ensues is temporary and ultimately proves to be beneficial for everybody.


After the transamory stage, some men may find themselves in the trans supportive stage. Here the death, violence, hateful legislation, misgendering and overall social conditions that trans women face bother him. He meets trans women and trans men who battle and fight for simple human rights. He looks at the DL guys and wonder how can they be so detached from the struggles trans folks go through, once again having forgotten where he came from. Others may remember and have a dose of compassion for both the men and women seemingly stuck in those cycles.  He may be out and see a trans woman being harassed or hear a hateful conversation and act to shut it down. He begins to speak out publicly and privately for trans rights. He has developed genuine friends who happen to be trans women and he worries about them every day.

This four-stage model can be a useful tool for transgender women as they refine their search for a partner. It can be helpful in determining where the potential partner is coming from, where his head is at, and, potentially what to expect from his behaviors. Including whether he is willing to be “out” about his relationship with you.

Would love to hear reactions to this post. We’ll be further refining it as we go.