The pleasure that is Sarah McBride

We talked with Sarah about intimacy, love, romance, what it’s like living one’s dreams and how others can actualize their dreams into their reality. But what was most interesting was our conversation about her brief but pre-destined relationship with her late husband. In that portion of our show, she waxed poetically about relationships and how profound and full of grace they can be.

A cheat sheet for the men

If I wasn’t meeting these kinds of women now, I would focus on the idea of them. I would keep focusing on the idea of them and, listening to my inner voice, follow the impulses and explore where they lead. I would do this because I know in time I would begin rendezvousing with these kinds of women over and over until they were my dominant experience.

Video: A transgender love story

Our latest guest, Kelly, is a Roller Derby Girl, a phlebotomist, spent a crazy amount of time in Alaska before moving to Las Vegas and had the perfect marriage with her wife Mary before....well, you’ll just have to watch the show. Another zany, fun interview with another fabulous transwoman. Sometimes, love comes when you least … Continue reading Video: A transgender love story

16 – Girl You’re A Girl!

Like many transwomen, Abby believes in unicorns. You know, that rare, fantasy of a man who is attracted to you not as a sex object, but for who you are. Do you believe men like this are impossible to find or don’t exist at all? In this episode, we call bull shit on all that. There are tons of men out there who are wanting to be with you. So how do you find them? We talk with Abby about that and more.