Video: Sensitizing cops to our community

can-cops-be-sensitiveWe look at a training video from the US Department of Justice meant to educate law enforcement on the transgender community so they can become sensitive to our issues. Good idea, but will it work?

We see this as yet another great indication that transgender people are being increasingly accepted by the mainstream. This can only mean more opportunity for transwomen and transamorous men to find the acceptance they crave.





Can cops be tans-sensitive?

badgeIn this era of BlackLivesMatter, it seems cops, generally, can’t recognize themselves in the people they are “sworn to protect and serve.” However, I have to remind myself that media reports of cops killing black people represents minority of the number of encounters people have with the police. As much as it is challenging to remember, I believe the majority of police officers are doing their best in a, frankly, shitty situation.

So when I came across this federally-sponsored transgender sensitivity training video, My first reaction was “wow, they really went a long way to produce this video. Well done.” Then my cynicism popped up and I had to allow that prejudice to subside before realizing that this video will not only help cops become more sensitive to the Trans community’s issues, it will probably create more favorable – i.e. respectful – encounters between police and transgender people.

It’s worth a watch.