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Our Podcast is freaking live

IMG_0101So, I’m pretty jazzed.

Yesterday The Transamorous Network Podcast went live with our first four episodes. Shannon and Remy, my co-hosts and I are super excited.

We’ll be publishing a show a week, probably on Wednesdays, starting next week. You can listen directly on SoundCloud or, in a little bit, on iTunes.

The podcast completes our first phase of growth, which includes this blog, the website and our YouTube Channel. On the podcast we’ll deepen our dives on material and content offered through our shop page, through fun, lively conversations with real people from the trans community. Everyone here at The Network is really jazzed about the podcast. Some who have been waiting for it to go live have been waiting too. A couple of people are expecting big things to come of it.

I think it, along with our other content, is going to help a lot of people. Particularly men, and by extension transwomen, then all trans people and their families.

The podcast would have been fun to do if I were doing it alone. However, it’s so much fun

It’s Remy

having Remy Ilmatar as Co-host. Her totally take-no-bullshit-but-with a smile attitude livens an already lively conversation.  That she is particularly jazzed about what The Transamorous Network offers is a big boon: as a transwoman herself, she can attest to how effective what we offer is.


Then there’s Shannon my other co-host. She brings a different, yet complimentary energy to our trio. I love seeing her, basking in all her positive energy. After reading straight through The Man’s Guide To Finding Your Transgender Partner on a flight home, she too is convinced we’re going to be changing lives with the podcast. If you have a moment,

Shannon and REmy
Shannon at left

check out what else Shannon is up to. She’s an impressive person in her own right.


So here we are, a nice threesome, wanting to make the world a better place. With our podcast now live,  I have to say I think we’re off to a good start. I think you will do once you give our show a listen.


Our Podcast is looking good

Shannon and REmy
Shannon Scott and Remy Ilmatar, co-hosts of the Transamorous Network Podcast

I’m excited this morning. I’m thinking about the first episode of The Transamorous Network’s Podcast, which we recorded last week. It was fascinating. Remy Ilmatar and Shannon Scott, my co-hosts and I were so in synch with our thoughts and ideas shared during the show. I’m eager to share it with everyone.

We’re going go get a few more episodes in the can though before we launch it. Still, I’m excited. Can you tell?

Remy is a dear friend I met while attending a trans function here in Portland. We hit it off, had tea, hit it off even more, then became friends. One thing lead to another and I asked if she’d be willing to help edit the Man’s Guide To Finding Your Transgender Partner. It’s funny, I asked five of my transgender friends to read it. She was the only one who completed it. I admire her for that follow through.

Anyway, not only did she do a great job on editing the work, the work had a transformational effect on her life, even though The Man’s Guide wasn’t written for transwomen (I’m working on The Transwoman’s Guide now). She talks a lot about this in our first Podcast Episode. It’s so cool.

So far, one of the best decisions I’ve made with Transamorous Network was to invite Remy as a (test) Co-host. Her views are a perfect complement for the show. Of course, her credibility as a transwoman is gold, so is her natural character, which is a “I take no shit from no one.” May I sum it up that way Remy?

Expect her to have colorful things to add to our upcoming interviews.

I met Shannon through a series of events, events which I describe in both guides. They were a seemingly “coincidental” string of introductions, activities and conversations which had us meet. Our meeting, over tea lasted three hours! Neither one of us wanted it to end, we connected that strongly. Shannon is launching her own motivational speaking company to help corporations become more sensitive to issues related to gender. I’m thrilled she’s doing that work because she’s a natural. She tells her story in this first episode too.

Together, Remy, Shannon and I riff off one another quite nicely. I’m excited to work with both to them as test co-hosts. I write “test” because at the moment, we only have one show in raw production. I don’t know how this will turn out. So far though, I’m smiling. I think  Remy and Shannon are too.

I don’t know why we didn’t get a threesome picture together. We talked about it. Somehow it just skipped all our minds. It’s ok, there’s plenty of time to grab that pic. I’m just excited these two cool women are willing to play. It’s going to be fun. How do I know that? Because it already is.