The Secret To Your Happy Life Is In Plain Sight


At The Transamorous Network we talk about finding your ideal partner. Whatever that may be look like for you. Lately we’ve expanded our “talking” to include pretty much everyone.

But we still focus on transgender women and trans attracted men.  Our approach works for anyone though.

We don’t just talk about finding your ideal partner. We also show you how to make that happen.

What’s interesting is, every time a client starts this work, they find not only a clear path to that ideal partner. Everything else in their life gets better too.

You’re meant to be happy.  You’re meant to have a happy life. A happy life includes an ideal partner if that’s what you want.

It also includes doing, being and having  everything else you want.

That’s just how life is supposed to be.

We know it. Our clients know it.

Then there are some who don’t know it. But they want to. They beat around the edges of our website. They have reasons for not becoming a member. They think $50 for a guide that can radically change their lives for the better is too much. Really? $50 for a guide that will show you how to create an amazing life?

I don’t blame them for not wanting to spend money. Scarcity consciousness is real, folks. But I do blame them for not reading or listening to the metric-shit-ton of free content we offer here on the website, in our podcast and on our YouTube channel. 🙄🤷🏽‍♂️🙄


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In all these people’s lives, the secrets to their happiness, or rather, the secret to why they’re unhappy is as plain as the words coming out their mouths…or through their fingers. 😂


This morning I responded to two separate people. One via our chat on Facebook. The other through our blog. Both show how clear it is that one’s reality is created from one’s stories. But unless you know this, and understand how it happens, that clarity – it really is as plain as the words they are sharing – remains hidden.

Hidden right in plain sight. Take this person’s comment on a post of ours…

A (presumably) transwoman’s screed on how the media (and others) are responsible for her reality. Not her.

I know not everyone is ready to take responsibility for their life experience. I know a lot of people prefer blaming the media, society, transgender women or “tranny chasers” for their relationship and other sorrows.

But the plain fact is, everyone creates their reality. No one else is doing it.

And the clarity and happiness that comes from realizing this then doing something about it is priceless.

A quickie overview of how to adjust your stories…

It’s not necessary to consume our paid content to get results.

The problem is, most people don’t have the temerity and rigor to put in place a daily practice that can produce results.

That’s why we offer our paid content. We’re radically changing lives for the better. I know it’s not only worth every penny we charge, it’s worth even more.

In the future we’ll be raising our prices because of that. For now, I’m good with what we’re charging.

Are you good with the life you got?