VIDEO: TransBlackFace!

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Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer both got into trouble over the last two weeks for perpetuating the modern version of blacksploitation, only this time on the Trans community. By not casting a real trans person to play the leading role in their new movie, they pissed off the transcommunity. Michelle Rodriguez is being trashed for her leading role in a ridiculous film about at man who unwillingly gets tits and a vagina. No, this isn’t gender confirmation surgery. Not in the least.

There’s a more empowering perspective on all this that sure beats getting pissed. It’s understanding history. Long ago, blacks had to undergo the same kind of exploitation. Today, however, not only are there all kinds of black and brown people on the big screen, black culture is literally shaping human culture.

We think transpeople are walking the same path. Look at how our highly influential, leading edge culture is ALREADY shaping the public social debate! Imagine then what society will be like once trans actors and actresses are all over the big screen! There is nothing to be upset about and everything to be excited about.

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