The Great Life Lesson Trump Offers Trans People

By The White House – Official White House Facebook page, Public Domain

TLDR: The author claims Donald Trump’s life epitomizes the power of telling positive stories about what one wants. They explain how Trump, by “telling it like he wants it” created a life of his own design. Yet, these days, the author claims, Trump is creating a reality he doesn’t want by focusing on precisely that, thereby proving a basic principle of Law of Attraction. They conclude by asserting that trans people can get a lot more of what they want by telling better stories about their lives.

This story is neither a critique nor a praise piece for the former president and 34-count felon. Instead, it’s an examination of how by “telling it the way he wants life to be” Donald Trump created a life matching his biggest desires.

Despite all his lies and machiavellian actions, for the most part, Trump has gotten what he wanted in life. I attribute that to his willingness to ignore others’ opinions. In other words, Trump achieved much of what he has over his life because he focused on stories that made him feel good. And in doing that, the Universe has given him pretty much everything he wants. Including a stint as POTUS.

It’s a great example for trans and trans-attracted people to follow.

Unfortunately, though, the moment Trump went into politics, he started shooting himself in the foot through his stories, which explains his current set of judicial predicaments. Judicial predicaments are not new for Trump. But this new batch is much more detrimental.

Let’s look at how Trump used what we talk about at The Transamorous Network to literally change the trajectory of his life for the better…then for the worse.

Focusing ONLY on what he wants

Despite many run-ins with the legal system, Trump has always told it like he wants it to be. And, when contradicted by others, or the facts, he held to his story. As a result, Trump enjoys tremendous momentum in his focus. Yes, practically speaking, many of his hustles, deals, projects, whatever you want to call them, may seem nefarious. But it’s hard to deny that the man has a way of getting what he wants. Especially when it comes to money.

Is this because he has all the right people in all the right places? Obviously not, because his nefarious acts seem to get out no matter how much “fixing” he tries to employ. But no matter; in the aggregate, Trump as an individual, enjoyed an immense winning streak, making himself known throughout the US and the world. And this was before becoming president.

The New York Times once praised Trump’s ability to shake off legal challenges. A Time Magazine article, confirmed his ability to adroitly use the legal system to get his way. He successfully delayed most of his most recent legal troubles so that he could take another stab at the White House this year. This is no fluke. He calls it like he wants it. And he gets his way. And he does that by focusing ONLY on what he wants. We can take a lesson from that.

Classified intelligence material found during search of Mar-a-Lago. Will Trump get away with it? We’ll see. (Photo By United States Department of Justice – Public Domain)

It’s about focus

Everyone can enjoy similar success at creating a reality matching their wildest desires. Nothing is off the table. Not even the White House, apparently. But it requires focus. And, if anything, Trump has that in spades.

By the way, nothing is ever wrong. It’s humans who create “right” and “wrong”. The Universe doesn’t see physical reality that way. Instead, it sees it as all good. That’s because every expression of physical reality contributes to the “more” that is All That Is. The more more the better.

That’s why resisting being trans or trans-attracted always feels bad. When we resist what we are, we go against All That Is, which is the origin of our experience. If we accept ourselves then live authentically, our lives go much, much better. That’s the message I pound home all the time here at The Transamorous Network.

But a lot of trans people and those who love them resist their authenticity. They do that to their detriment, which is why so many in both groups are unhappy and alone. Changing all that is easy. I write about how to do that extensively in this blog.

All That Is would get bored with everything being one way. Surprise and delight are orders of the day. So is diversity of everything. And you can bet there are things in All That Is that it delights in that humans would call “wrong” and even “immoral”. Tragedy and abhorrence, therefore, are just as valid expressions of All That Is as are the most saintly and pious acts.

So is being trans. So is being trans attracted.

Getting what you focus on

Since everything is good, this means anything you can conceive of enjoying you can enjoy as your experience. But be careful how you think about what it is you want. Because how you think about it can put the kibosh on what you’re wanting. I talk about this a lot in this blog too.

If we want love, for example, we can’t focus on not having it. That just gives us more of what we focus on: not having it. It doesn’t feel good not having what we want. And you know what? It’s supposed to feel that way, because we’re meant to have all that we want!

But when we focus on the negative feeling, or the negative stories generating those feelings, we double down on getting what we don’t want.

That explains why so many trans women are bitter and complain about “chasers”. The irony is they’re getting exactly what they want. By “what they want” I mean what they focus on. So if they really want what they really want, they’d do well to praise men they call chasers. Because such men are doing something trans women would be better off appreciating than hating.

What they’re doing is showing the trans women what they are creating. That’s super valuable. How are else are you supposed to know whether or not you’re on the way to getting what you want?

And that’s what’s plaguing Trump now too. As a result of entering politics, he’s gotten himself into a train of thought, a way of storytelling, that doesn’t serve his interests. It’s because of that that All That Is inspired people like Fani Willis, Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen and others to come out about Trump and his….predilections.

Setting the stage for his downfall?

All That Is isn’t punishing Trump. It’s just giving him feedback. The moment Trump entered the White House, actually slightly before, Trump started focusing on things he didn’t want. He focused on staying in the White House by focusing on “not losing”. He focused a lot on his “enemies” rather than those who support him. Trump focused on “rigged” political and legal processes that he claims are out to get him. As a result, all of those things became more prominent in his experience. It’s all feedback!

The more one focuses on what they don’t want, the more of what they don’t want will show up. The more detailed and intense those things will get too. This explains why the media, known for uncovering the whole story, really began scrutinizing Trump after he won the presidential election. He attacked the press in retaliation, while at the same time currying favors from and sidling up to other media organizations such as Fox News and American Media Incorporated. It’s no wonder even more media began focusing on him in negative ways.

And that’s the other trouble with Trump’s focus since winning the White House. He aligned himself with people whose dominant focus is extremely negative. That caused his vibration to mix even more with theirs. It’s no wonder, for example, that Trump loves Putin, the North Korean dictator and other nefarious characters. It’s also no wonder he’s sidled up with far right people too. And that others like him are replicating his behavior around the world.

And it’s therefore no wonder that the media and now the courts are all over him. He’s generating feedback showing him what his focus is. But Trump doesn’t know that. So, like trans women, he keeps doubling down on his disempowering stories.

The pitfalls of focusing on “unwanted”

Yes, Trump sees people he resonates with as his supporters. But he also sees these people as vibrational equals in terms of the way they focus: mostly on themselves as victims. Trump sees himself as the ultimate victim, and thus as his fellow victims’ saviors. It’s this alignment that set the stage for what we see playing out.

Of course, there are no victims. Everyone creates their reality, including experiences that come their way. That’s a harsh thing to hear when considering certain subjects, such as being trans and subjected to all kinds of discrimination.

But there’s no way around it because the universe is recursive, meaning, every particle of it functions under the same principles. So to say trans people aren’t creating their experience would mean the principles apply to only certain situations. But the principles apply to every situation, no exceptions.

So as Trump more and more blames others for his troubles, he will get more evidence that that, in fact, is true. Why? Because life will verify any belief as true. It’s exactly the same with trans women vilifying chasers. When they do that, they make themselves matches to such men. So more of those men show up in their experience.

The fix is easy: stop vilifying these men. Instead praise them and in time better men will replace these men. The same principle works for men wanting a trans partner. We must focus on what we want. Do that and we get that. End of story.

The absolutism of focus

Another way Trump digs a hole for himself is by trying to solve his problems through action. Doing appears to be the way things happen. But if that were the case, then, again, there’d be an exception to universal principles. And these principles are UNIVERSAL. They apply across the board.

Vibration and attraction is how things happen. Points of consciousness, such as a human, focus. When they focus, they direct their vibrational energy, which then draws similar points of consciousness to that energy. In time, accumulation of energy gets strong enough to become physical experience.

Action or doing is the penultimate manifestation just prior to the full-blown fulfillment of a desire. Action is what brings the person to the point in time and space where their desire fulfills itself. But since most people don’t understand what you just read, they don’t know what’s really happening. They think their doing is making things happen. It’s not.

This explains then how when a person focuses on something they don’t want, such as the story “I’m unlovable”, their relationships will consistently give them evidence supporting that. Then the person will act in unlovable ways, thus creating circumstances in which partners leave.

It’s not the unlovable acts creating the results. It’s the story or focus that prompts or inspires unlovable acts. Focus is absolute. It is the only way things happen. Use it wisely.

A perfect example

I’m eager to see where Trump’s life trajectory takes him in the next 18 months. With another massive state lawsuit on the horizon, and several other federal ones, he’s created quite a ride for himself. And, with the election looming, it will be interesting to see how reality collapses around what he focuses on.

In the meantime, I’m eager too that all this mess has caused people to ask for more. And the Universe is delivering. So much being out of whack in the United States, especially our political climate, foretells of a great rebalancing coming. A rebalancing that could create a future far better than the present we currently have. A rebalancing that could be very good for transgender people and those who love them.

Make no mistake though. Some people thrive no matter how bad it gets. Those are the people whose focus is consistently on what they want, not what they don’t want. Millions of others, meanwhile, may suffer no matter how good it gets for the opposite reason: focusing on what they don’t want.

Yes, it would be nice for all those suffering to not have to suffer. But since the Universe responds to individual vibration, we can’t do much to alleviate others’ suffering. Even if we fix all the problems, some people would still suffer.

You and I don’t need to suffer though. Trump is giving us a great example of how to do it right…and not so right.