How To Turn Toxic Anti-Trans Rhetoric Into Great Results

It’s Pride Month!

Typically we don’t celebrate such things. But this year, something happened demonstrating a perfect application of what we talk about all day, every day here at The Transamorous Network. And it’s related to Pride Month. So we wanted to amplify the goodness.

While scrolling social media we came across an interesting meme. Mixed Martial Arts Competitor Fallon Fox posted something our friend Kari reposted. The post refers to a pride month artistic rendering of the words “pride” and “month” mushed together. The result is the rainbow-colored word “demon”.

Fallon alludes to some kind of controversy about this meme. We didn’t realize what the fuss was about. It’s a cool meme, which cribs from art created by queer artist “Art By Veya”, who is selling the design in various styles and colors of t-shirts on their website.

So we looked up the controversy. Apparently the kerfuffle started with conservative media member and QAnon believer Lauren Witzke. She posted the meme on Twitter. She thought she was “owning the libs”. As with all attempts to push against something, though, it backfired.

Instead of putting fear in the LGBTQ community, her post acted as free advertising for the creator. It also generated a flurry of “good news” LGBTQ articles proclaiming how great the tweet was:

But that’s not all! There are a lot of other positive things happening in response to Witzke’s lame attempt. Let’s check them out.

Stories create reality

First, notice Witzke’s attempt to cancel the community did exactly the opposite. It’s a perfect example of “Whatever you push against, you amplify”. In other words, whatever you put your attention on will grow. It happens that way because that’s how our participation in the Universe creates more of the Universe. So it’s to our advantage always to pay attention only to things we want to see more of. Or tell the most positive story we can about what we face.

Second, notice all the positive stories journalists, gay folks, and even Fallon Fox are making of Witzke’s tweet. These people are finding empowerment and…let’s admit it…great humor in Witzke’s fruitless attempt. These are perfect stories that will create more and better experience for everyone involved.

Finally, let’s take a look at the artist who created the work. It’s a certainty “Art By Veya” had NO IDEA this kind of thing would be responsible for pushing them into a whole other notariety level. A lot of folks are reposting and posting anew about this seemingly coincidental experience. “Art By Veya” is literally getting famous from what looks like a coincidence. And, according to the artist, her sales have seen a sharp increase.

Only these kinds of things aren’t coincidence. More of these kinds of things can happen for all of us when we tell positive stories about our lives and what we want. In fact, such experiences happen around us all the freaking time. But if we’re too head-down, complaining about life, bored or anxiety-ridden we miss them.

Why? Because such events are high-vibration events. And if we’re not at the frequency of such events they might as well not happen. Because we’re not a match to them. So they happen, but we don’t experience them.

Create your version of this goodness

Which is why we encourage everyone reading this that if you’re unhappy with aspects of your life, you can change them. No matter what it is. Our clients are showing themselves that they can make their lives better. So can you.

Don’t have a lover and want one? You can have one. Your landlord evicted you because you’re trans? You can fix that too. Nothing is outside of your power to change. But you can’t keep telling stories about what you don’t want and expect it to go away. Witzke and other anti-trans people are proving this over and over.

So are transgender women and trans-attracted men, by the way. Notice the more the community complains and push against anti-trans people, such as J.K. Rowling, the more they double down on their opinion. We can’t get what we want by pushing against what we don’t. Witzke’s example proves this as do many others.

So tell better stories. Tell EXCELLENT stories and watch what happens. It won’t happen overnight, but change awaits your discovery, and your delight (hey, that rhymes!). The only price you must pay: the price of feeling better about your currently situation.

Need help doing that? We’re here.