More encouraging signs

A newspaper’s unique coverage of an ongoing issue between a family and the Boy Scouts caught my eye. They reported on public support the family is receiving for their transgender child.

I won’t go into the issue. It’s the Boy Scouts, so you can probably guess how that ossified organization responded to a transgender boy in the Scouts.

Instead let’s focus on the real news here: the tide has turned. People are now educated and on the side of transgender people everywhere. Even within the Scouts members are calling for changes allowing the boy to remain a member. What excellent evidence.

Increasing public support for transpeople should be no surprise. As more transgender people and their allies focus their stories, creating their realities in the process, of course reality is going to change to match those stories.  The question is, are you keeping up with the changes so your life gets better too?

Some of you are focusing too much on negative events. Those events aren’t serving you. Unless you like that your life sucks of course. For those people – you know who you are – life will keep changing, but it will keep changing to “what is” – the stories you keep telling yourself about what is instead of what you want that “is-ness” to be.

Meanwhile others’ lives just keep getting better. Like this young man and his family.

You can choose where to focus. You can choose seeing stories in your reality that make you feel good. The more you do that, the more you’ll find.

And when that happens, life just gets better and better.