Eight election victories….

Elected officials who happen to be trans. l-r Danica Roem, Lisa Middleton, Andrea Jenkins

There’s reason to celebrate.

With eight elections going to transgender candidates in the US, and some number more going the same way in Canada, it’s hard to believe the hype of those who fear “Trumpism.” For the alt right belief system is backfiring (as seen from alt-right believers). From our perspective though, it’s just exactly as we expected: Trump is doing transgender people a HUGE favor by galvanizing people to be MORE sympathetic to the cause.

Already there is a two-third majority in the US saying the nation has not gone far enough to address issues transgender people face. Don’t listen to the headline news. They are trying to sustain their advertising revenues. It is not as bad as it seems to be in society. If you take control of the stories you tell, your life will get even better than it is.

On top of these election wins and the overwhelming number of people supporting more support for transgender people, we have the Pentagon paying for the surgery of a transgender soldier in direct contradiction of Trump’s proposed ban tweet. If you think Trumps stupid decree was going to signify some collapse of support of transpeople, how do you explain this?

We have and will always contend the world is getting better for transgender people. If you aren’t having that experience, you have within your possession the ability to change your experience: the power rests within your ability to choose what you focus on.

We expect to see more things going the way of transgender people in the future. These outcomes, such as the recent news out of the Pentagon and the recent election wins, are indications of more to come.

For we haven’t seen anything yet.