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Show Synopsis:

Troy Kennedy has been a vocal advocate for cis-trans relationships for many years. In part two of his interview he shares more of his personal experiences and opinions about being transamorous and trans supportive.

Troy shares some brilliant messages from his own life including:

  • Pointedly showing how future generations are benefitting from his trans attraction
    Questioning the idea of “normal”
  • Challenging transwomen on their attempts to speak for and about trans attracted men and their transition process
  • Offering a brilliant model for understanding trans attraction

If you’re trans attracted, this is a must-watch episode, but please consider watching part one too.

If you’re a transwoman, PLEASE share this video with your friends. You could revolutionize the entire trans experience just by doing that.

Air Date: June 10, 2017

Show Synopsis: Troy Kennedy is one of the original advocates for transgender women. He’s been dating transgender women for over 30 years. Partake of his wisdom, trans attracted men.

For transwomen: We keep saying not all men meet transgender women through porn, nor do they all have fetishes. Some do, of course. But you don’t have to deal with them if you change your stories. While you’re working on that, check out Troy’s story. This is part one.

Air Date: June 6, 2017

Show Synopsis: William Lloyd, former firefighter, off-shore oil rig worker and now successful artist, owes much of what his is today to his wife Nikki Araguz Lloyd.

Nikki, would say the opposite. That’s how much of splitting images these two are.

If Nikki’s name is familiar, that’s because she won a landmark legal case in Texas over her marriage to her deceased husband, who too was a firefighter and died in the line of duty.

Lloyd, is going to stun you with his story. If you’re a transgender woman who believes all men are chasers, that they all find out about transwomen through porn or that all they want from transwomen is to act out a fantasy, here is yet another example which contests your story.

Are you ready to consider a story revival???

William’s story is particularly special in that he was not initially even searching for a transwoman. He describes himself as “trans open”. Dive in and enjoy learning more about William!

Air Date: May 23, 2017

Show Synopsis: What makes Alexandra Grey someone to listen to? Not only is she a rising Hollywood star, she also is realizing her dreams in every aspect of her life. Alexandra Grey is known for her roles in Transparent, Code Black, and Drunk History. She joined us on the network just before heading off to a singing gig. The transgender actor (we talk about “actor” vs. “actress” in the show) shares her views on dating, moviemaking and her career, the transgender community and love and dating as a transgender woman. Take a listen!

Air Date: April 26, 2017

Show Synopsis:

“For the first time I see some penis in my face”

Jonathan, honestly and openly talks about his arousal at seeing transgender women in an HBO documentary, and the confusion that ensued before he became a transamorous male and active transgender community supporter.

Jonathan is one of the original founders of the Trans Supportive Brotherhood, a group of more than 40 trans attracted, transamorous and trans active men supporting one another in their experiences with transgender women. The Transamorous Network and the Trans Supportive Brotherhood are working together to create safer places for men to own their trans attraction. In doing so, we also create better potential dates for transgender women by helping men understand what their trans attraction means. (Part 2 of the show below

Air Date: April 14, 2017

Show Synopsis: Jonathan Hayden is one of the original founders of the Trans Supportive Brotherhood, a group of more than 40 trans attracted, transamorous and trans active men supporting one another in their experiences with transgender women. The Transamorous Network and the Trans Supportive Brotherhood are working together to create safer places for men to own their trans attraction. In doing so, we also create better potential dates for transgender women by helping men understand what their trans attraction means.

The Brotherhood and the Transamorous Network are one of the only places where this kind of safe place is being created for men attracted to transwomen.

In this episode, Jonathan talks about the Brotherhood, its purpose and what goes on inside it. Take a listen! (This is part one of a two-part episode)

Air Date: April 14, 2017

Show Synopsis: Our youngest guest so far, William bucks the stereotype that trans-attracted and transamorous men discover their attraction to transgender women through porn. Indeed, his self discovery can only be described as “spiritual”, as he had no knowledge about transgender women or even the LGBT community….until he had an intimate experience….in a dream!

Listen to this show and marvel at the next generation of men who are showing us all there is nothing wrong with transamory!

Air Date: March 6, 2017

Show Synopsis: Sarah McBride is the first transperson to ever speak at a National political convention. She also has the distinction of being our first celebrity on the show. But what really makes Sarah fascinating is her personal stories, particularly around love, her brief relationship with her husband and her unique position as an advocate for the trans community. This is our best interview yet. Enjoy!

Air Date: January 15, 2017

Show Synopsis: After getting a nice, long and quite polite email about sex between transwomen and cis-men, we had to do a show to comment on the points the person who wrote the comment made. Check out our blog to see the comment in full, or just watch this episode of our show.

Air Date: November 30, 2016

Show Synopsis: Get to know trans-attracted/transamorous man David-Andrew. David is single, a photographer and a funny guy with a great smile. Not ashamed of his trans-attraction, David-Andrew has been dating transwomen for more than 20 years. Hear his story!

Air Date: November 11, 2016

Show Synopsis: We have a great time talking about this video (https://youtu.be/rl7RLbt_OOE) where dads of transgender children gush about their support of their kids. Awww. Can it get any better?

Air Date: October 20, 2016

Show Synopsis: We look at a training video from the US Department of Justice meant to educate law enforcement on the transgender community so they can become sensitive to our issues. Good idea, but will it work?

Air Date: October 12, 2016

Show Synopsis: Our latest guest, Kelly, is a Roller Derby Girl, a phlebotomist, spent a crazy amount of time in Alaska before moving to Las Vegas and had the perfect marriage with her wife Mary before….well, you’ll just have to watch the show.

Another zany, fun interview with another fabulous transwoman. Sometimes, love comes when you least expect it.

Air Date: September 15, 2016

Show Synopsis: Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer both got into trouble over the last two weeks for perpetuating the modern version of blacksploitation, only this time on the Trans community. By not casting a real trans person to play the leading role in their new movie, they pissed off the transcommunity. Michelle Rodriguez is being trashed for her leading role in a ridiculous film about at man who unwillingly gets tits and a vagina. No, this isn’t gender confirmation surgery. Not in the least.

There’s a more empowering perspective on all this that sure beats getting pissed. It’s understanding history. Long ago, blacks had to undergo the same kind of exploitation. Today, however, not only are there all kinds of black and brown people on the big screen, black culture is literally shaping human culture.

We think transpeople are walking the same path. Look at how our highly influential, leading edge culture is ALREADY shaping the public social debate! Imagine then what society will be like once trans actors and actresses are all over the big screen! There is nothing to be upset about and everything to be excited about.

Check your story!

Air Date Sep. 6, 2016

Show Synopsis: In this episode, we dis the The Pope as he expresses his ignorance (you deserve it Your Holiness), a Rabbi straightens The Pope’s ass out, then we talk about how to read the news. Cause you all need to learn.

Air Date: August 24, 2016

Show Synopsis: Transpeople have to be mentally ill. Why would someone want to get involved in elections? In this episode, we explore two recent news events transpeople should pay attention to. Together (and separately), they indicate tremendous progress for our community. Check it out!

Air date: August 11, 2016

Show Synopsis: We go deep this issue on what it’s like to be a Transamorous Man. Is their fear real? Can they lose their job? Friends? Family? What about the embarrassment and shame that comes with being seen with a Transwoman? Then we switch gears with a new perspective on current events (not Orlando), and end this episode with Remy doing an impromptu psychic reading for Shannon.

Air date: June 16, 2016

Show Synopsis : In this episode we explain why focusing on violence in the transcommunity is the least effective way of eliminating violence in the transcommunity. Plain and simple. Thanks to Sunny’s People for the opportunity to weigh in on her editorial content!

Here’s the link to the video we promised in the show.

Airdate: June 8, 2016

Show Synopsis: Wow. Another great episode. Jessica joins us sharing her life story, a story full of tragedy, including the suicide of her friend Aaron. But like all great human beings, Jessica has channeled those tragedies into something amazing: her life. We’re all in tears at the end. We name this episode in honor of Aaron and the contribution his life has had and will have on into eternity.

Airdate: June 1, 2016

Show Synopsis: What makes Jaycee so freaking awesome? We think we know. So will you when you listen to our funny romp across her daily life, her recent romantic experiences, what she wants to be when she grows up and how the powers that be are helping make that happen. It gets real in this episode as the sordid details come-a-flying. Be sure to check out The Transamorous Network online at www.transamorousnetwork.com for more interesting content on how to live a joyful, fulfilling, authentic life where your desires become your reality.

Airdate: May 25, 2016

Show Synopsis: We’re going to be publishing video versions of our podcast to our YouTube Channel with visual messaging that matches the conversation. This is our first episode.

Airdate: May 18, 2016