Real transwomen don’t top



Some holier than thou transwomen out there claim a “real transwoman” would never top because “real transwomen” (who, presumably are WOMEN, and by that definition would hate their penis) abhor the idea of “that” between their legs. Of course, there are transwomen like that in the world. There’s great diversity on Earth. You can find evidence of ANY STORY. That’s why there are PLENTY of transwomen who LOVE to top! Just because they do doesn’t make them a REAL WOMAN.

Did you know cis-women have LOVED topping men for as long as there have been sex toys? The sex industry makes millions of dollars from men who loved to be fucked by women and women who thoroughly enjoy fucking them. Are these women not women just because the strap on a fake penis and go to town on a guy’s ass?

Of course not.

I find it COMPLETELY BIZARRE that a transwoman, having gone through the struggle of finding acceptance for who they really are, would then look down her nose at another transwoman who is just trying to be herself (and express that self-hood by topping her man). In a bizzaro-version of reality, transwomen adopt a hetero-normative meme and then use it to shame other transwomen (and men who want such transwomen) who have the story that “topping is fun, normal, sexually satisfying and part of who I am.”

Stories are powerful things. If you’re a transwoman who believes ALL transwomen must be bottoms, that’s great. It’s your story. It relates to YOUR reality. Don’t use your story to condemn other people – men and women – who are wanting to create THEIR reality with THEIR stories.

Kudos to Maev for so eloquently setting the record straight.




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2 comments on “Real transwomen don’t top
  1. John Smith says:

    This really gets to the main problem facing humanity – our seemingly irresistible urge to judge others (and ourselves). Whatever happened to judge not lest ye be judged? Or let whoever is without sin cast the first stone? People – they’re the worst!

    • Perry Gruber says:

      We think so often about that bible quote. (Teasingly) it’s ironic that you end your comment with a judgement. 🙂

      But people can’t help judge. That’s how they know what they want and what they don’t. From there they can choose what reality to create. Trouble results when they choose to put their nose in other people’s stories. We think that’s what you’re talking about. Yes?

      People – they are the best! They remind us to examine ourselves so we can be our best…not our worst!

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